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For over 50 years, starting way back in the 60s, the relationship between South African Breweries and Ogilvy has contributed to building some of this country’s most famous brands. It’s truly a friendship that has stood the test of time!

To celebrate this enduring relationship, we’ll be posting a few of the iconic ads we’ve made together over the years, starting with this retro beauty. “Brewmaster” (1978) is the very first commercial we produced for Castle Lager.

The late Nick Tredoux wrote the famous pay-off line, the Taste that Stood the Test of Time, and introduced South Africans to Charles Glass and his celebrated Society.

The production house was James Garrett who came out from London to make the commercial. Television had only been in South Africa for two years, so local production facilities were limited.

For more great stories about this friendship – follow the #SABOgilvy50 hashtag.

English_RugbySo, what’s big right now? Well isn’t it obvious? For rugby fans the world over, the Rugby World Cup is finally here, and so it felt to profile some noteworthy campaigns in the run up to RWC 2011 tournament. Firstly there’s O2′s ‘Get up for England’.

The idea is relatively simple; O2 will help their subscribers get up for England’s matches in New Zealand with a free breakfast pack.

The pack includes two breakfast pies, (one meat and one veg) Two cans of Greene King IPA beer, even a St George’s flag! The packs will be delivered to the subscribers door the Thursday or Friday before the match.

Check out the supporting TVC below, and the campaign website here.

Heineken has also ramped up it’s sponsorship of the tournament with a new campaign which centers around have announced their stellar cast of Brand ambassadors including former South African captain Gary Teichmann….

The ambassadors will support Heineken’s new Rugby World Cup 2011 campaign, entitled ‘This is the Game’, which focuses on the unwritten code of values implicit in Rugby on and off the pitch, such as sportsmanship and respect, and promotes Heineken as a worldwide partner and official beer of the international Tournament.

Become a Fan of Heineken (I’m not suggesting you drink the beer) and stay up to speed with the campaigns and the ambassadors.

Then, there have been a couple of Haka flash mobs springing up around Auckland, beginning at a shopping mall…

Then they went onto an intersection close-by…..Haka flash mobs were even seen as far as Barcelona!

From a local point of view Vodacom have been building up to the launch of the RWC for some time with their Shosholoza Bokke campaign.

Initially it was felt to be a case of ‘more of the same’; a couple of TVC’s, radio, print and some ‘amplification’ on the Player 23 website…..and some extremely passionate fans singing their hearts out! And then, a couple of weeks back this surfaced…

Very nice indeed. What’s more is on the Player 23 website you can zoom right into the sea of fans singing their rendition of Shosholoza or even search for a particular fan by mobile number.

Guinness are also in on the action, with the centre piece of their campaign begin this epic TVC…

The Ogilvy Joburg Team have also been hard at work on a RWC campaign for SuperSport. The ‘Game On’ campaign places the Springbok against ‘The Titans of World Rugby’ where all of the opposing nations are brought to life in a very intimidating and unexpected way….

Seen any other awesome RWC campaigns that you think should have been included? Let us know!

Rory_SutherlandAs I am sure you have all heard by now, Rory Sutherland will be coming to SA where he will not only be presenting to all Ogilvy Joburg staff, but leading a Behavioural Economics workshop with our Cell C Client and Agency Team. But who is Rory Sutherland? I hear you ask…

Rory is the Vice-Chairman of the Ogilvy Group in London, a world-renowned expert on behavioral economics and a regular speaker at TED Talks, he is a charismatic and entertaining speaker and we will all learn and be inspired by what he has to say.

This is what Gary Leigh, Chairman of the Ogilvy Group UK, had to say about him:  ”Rory is the original advocate of ’360-degree branding,’ a persuasive and charismatic speaker and has a tremendous knack for making ideas come to life in an easily digestible way. He has been walking the walk longer than anyone.

Here is his TED presentation, life lessons from an ad man, from ’09 to give you a taste of what all of us here on the Ogilvy Joburg campus are looking forward to!

Only Ogilvy staff are invited, but if you aren’t part of the Ogilvy family, have no fear, we will be tweeting live from the event, so make sure you follow @ogilvy_joburg. Plus, you can always find out more about Rory here, or read his Blog here, or follow him on Twitter @rorysutherland