SAB_OgilvyTen years ago Rob van Vuuren, Pierre Malherbe, Alan Committee and Castle started a trend.

Avid cricket fans will remember the guys copying their strategy – always with the same result: not drinking Castle at the game just isn’t cricket.

In 2003 SA hosted the Cricket World Cup and as a sponsor of the Proteas, Castle proved that you don’t have to be at the game to enjoy a cold one or truly support your country.

Thousands upon thousands of encouraging messages for the team were made into an enormous flag that became the star attraction in this ad.

TV Producer at Ogilvy, Esme De Miranda, has worked on the SAB account for more than 30 years and was closely involved with the production on this TVC….

“We had to hire a special helicopter that could carry the weight of this enormous flag to fly across Newlands”. We just thought that if SAA could fly over Ellis Park, then why can’t we do this? We literally had a 15 minute window to be fly around the stadium and film it to make it part of the commercial and had to get permission from so many people…but we did it!”

SAB_OgilvyIn 1995 Castle welcomed visitors to our shores with their series of “Friendship” ads, teaching everyone to ask for “inqaba” when they wanted another round of their favourite beer.

Fast-forward to 2010 and Castle once again threw open the welcome mat. In “Bula Boot”, homegrown icons encouraged South Africans to open their hearts, boots and Castle’s to welcome the world in true Mzansi style.

A year before kick-off, Bafana Bafana were a long way from looking like contenders. Castle Lager knew that whatever happened, we had to get behind our team. And so the Castle Superfans were created.

They were some of the most ardent and colourful PSL team supporters, brought together in Bafana colours, to unite the nation behind our boys….

Soon, the Castle Superfans were everywhere. They toured the country – and the world – rallying support for Bafana, attending every match, and generating phenomenal national spirit.

Directed by Michael Middleton from Jump SA, the ad cemented “Inqaba” in the hearts & minds of beer-lovers across the country.

Tomorrow they might be back in their old colours when Chiefs take on Pirates, but their legacy lives on in the millions who now love Bafana and the beautiful game.


loeriesThe Loerie Awards, known fondly as ‘the Loeries’, were established in 1978 to help grow the exciting new medium of television advertising in South Africa.

Volkswagen “People” – Gold Loerie winner, 1988

Over the years the awards expanded to include radio, print, design, direct marketing, live events and digital media – always recognising, rewarding and fostering creative excellence.

Dunlop Tyres “SP33” – Gold Loerie winner, 1989

The awards were originally held at the Carlton Centre in the Johannesburg CBD, before moving onto Sun City, then Margate, and now the Mother City….

But no matter where they’re held, they are always a celebration of the best creative thinking in South Africa and a chance for ad people to take over an entire town / dance on tables.

Audi “Turtles” – Silver Loerie winner, 2003

Here’s to another year and the 33rd Loerie Awardsbring home the birds!

SAB_OgilvyWho could forget the friends on the roof garden of a New York department building, hand on heart, beer in hand, celebrating Africa? The “New York” (1998) ad came at an emotional time when South Africa was changing dramatically. It’s been re-enacted countless times and helped to push up the sales of Toto’s music.

The Vision Corporation’s Giaco Angelini has also had a great friendship with Castle. He directed this ad and also the 2011 “Homegrown” commercial.

Years later, Castle’s “Journey” ad of cricket fans travelling all the way to India to support the Proteas carried with it the same warm and patriotic feeling, and positioned Castle as the true icon of South African hospitality.

Now that rugby fever has truly enveloped all South Africans, we thought we’d share some of Castle Lager’s epic ‘Amajita on Tour’ videos with you. Together with Castle, we have brought the Castle protagananists to life in a series of informative clips to help South Africans cope in ‘Kiwiland.

Firstly, there’s the answer to taking on the mighty Haka…..

Then, there’s dealing with ‘Kikwiland’ slang

And finally, the perfect antidote to ‘Kiwiland’ handshakes!…

For over 50 years, starting way back in the 60s, the relationship between South African Breweries and Ogilvy has contributed to building some of this country’s most famous brands. It’s truly a friendship that has stood the test of time!

To celebrate this enduring relationship, we’ll be posting a few of the iconic ads we’ve made together over the years, starting with this retro beauty. “Brewmaster” (1978) is the very first commercial we produced for Castle Lager.

The late Nick Tredoux wrote the famous pay-off line, the Taste that Stood the Test of Time, and introduced South Africans to Charles Glass and his celebrated Society.

The production house was James Garrett who came out from London to make the commercial. Television had only been in South Africa for two years, so local production facilities were limited.

For more great stories about this friendship – follow the #SABOgilvy50 hashtag.