SAB_OgilvyTen years ago Rob van Vuuren, Pierre Malherbe, Alan Committee and Castle started a trend.

Avid cricket fans will remember the guys copying their strategy – always with the

same result: not drinking Castle at the game just isn’t cricket.

In 2003 SA hosted the Cricket World Cup and as a sponsor of the Proteas, Castle proved that you don’t have to be at the game to enjoy a cold one or truly support your country.

Thousands upon thousands of encouraging messages for the team were made into an enormous flag that became the star attraction in this ad.

TV Producer at Ogilvy, Esme De Miranda, has worked on the SAB account for more than 30 years and was closely involved with the production on this TVC….

“We had to hire a special helicopter that could carry the weight of this enormous flag to fly across Newlands”. We just thought that if SAA could fly over Ellis Park, then why can’t we do this? We literally had a 15 minute window to be fly around the stadium and film it to make it part of the commercial and had to get permission from so many people…but we did it!”