Energy drinks are aimed at getting people to do more, and more, and more. They seem to miss that there are normal everyday events that require energy to get through, or excel in. Lucozade is there to help you overcome those tricky and tiring moments, those “give-me-strength” moments.

To illustrate this, Lucozade created a campaign of radio advertisements to symbolize the energising effect of Lucozade.

Executive Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo
Creative Director: Molefi Thulo
Creative Director: Peter Little
Copywriter: David Krueger
Art Director: Tammy Retter
Business Director: Candice Shortt
Group Account Director: Lauren Mallett-Veale
Account Manager: Brett David
Strategic Planner: Stefan Siedentopf
Sound Engineer: Louis Enslin (Produce Sound)

AddHopeToday is World Hunger Day and 3.3 million South African children go hungry every day.

But there is Hope.

As World Hunger Day comes and goes, and another year passes, the plight of the hungry still hangs heavily on the world, and this country, but where there are dark clouds there are silver linings.

KFC is committed to advocating in the fight against child hunger and is working with 90 organisations on the ground that makes it their mission to help children daily. Through KFC’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Add Hope, KFC calls on customers to donate R2 at its 750 stores countrywide to give a meal to a child.

Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg fully supports this incredible initiative. Please take the time to do so too. It just takes one click.

Share the “Thank You Very Much” AV on May 28th (World Hunger Day), and for every share the AV receives, KFC will donate a food parcel to an Add Hope beneficiary.

Hollard OutdoorSouth Africans worry a lot. They worry about the traffic, the crime, the weather, petrol prices, work, their children, the state of the nation and how much they’re worrying about worrying. Sadly, excessive worrying can be debilitating, often preventing people from living their lives to the full.

This was the key insight that we tapped into when we came up with the idea for the integrated “Don’t worry. Be Hollard” campaign, which was launched in February. The campaign uses a quirky, tongue-in-cheek approach.

Our Co-Executive Creative Director, Mariana O’ Kelly says, “In a conservative category, it’s been a great pleasure working with a team of clients who not only understand the benefit of humour and story-telling, but who demand it at every turn. It wasn’t difficult,” continues O’ Kelly, “for us to come up with the offbeat writing style and tone. All we did was take the internal Hollard culture and display it in the ad campaign. ”

For more information check out Hollard’s Facebook & Twitter page or browse through their website.

In the latest KFC ad we follow the journey of a young girl who is taken from the comfort of her home roots in South Africa across the world to Bangkok with her mother. In order for her to get accustomed to her new surroundings she seeks familiarity in the one thing she knows… KFC.

Take a look at KFC’s ‘Tastes Like Home’ TVC below:

Client: KFC (YUM! International)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Creative Director: Mike Martin (Creative Partner)
Head of Strategy for KFC: Gabi Kuhn-Bernstein
Art Director: Thule Ngcese
Copywriter/Design: Jordan Tryon
Agency Producer: Debbie Dannheisser
Account Management: Lynette Ngwata, Tracey Edwards (Managing Partner)
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Production Company: Egg Films
Post-Production Company: Upstairs Post, Black Ginger
Sound Design: Sterling Sound

7 8 9

300 students participated in the filming of KFC’s “Tastes Like Home” commercial in Bangkok. An extraordinary achievement by the team involved.
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As Cell C believes in championing the consumer, the brand now seeks to enable everyday South Africans to realize the power they hold within themselves. Through this campaign, Cell C hopes to entrench the reason why people need to believe in themselves and in each other by making their dreams come true.

If people only believe in themselves and in each other, there’s no telling what greatness can be accomplished. It was this thinking that led us to construct the creative platform: “You’re more powerful than you think”.

Neo Mashigo, Executive Creative Director says, “This campaign is a showcase to all South Africans that Cell C will always support their beliefs and dreams. The aim of the 360 degree campaign is to creatively inspire people to push themselves to achieve their dreams with Cell C guiding the way. Through this Cell C will generate sustainable brand affinity and will inspire people to make their dreams come true through the power of belief.”


Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo
Art Director – Marcus Moshapalo
Art Director – Justice Mukheli
Copywriter  – Justin Oswald
Senior Strategic Planner – Stefan Siedentopf
Business Director – Masego Motsogi
Head of TV Production – Debbie Dannheisser
Managing Partner – Colleen Berrange

Follow Cell C on Facebook and on Twitter for more of their updates and the progression of the ‘Believe’ campaign.


Castle Lager brought South Africa together with two great feats in one even greater day.

On Heritage Day the Castle Lager team took braai to the next level in six cities across South Africa. They set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most people braai’ing (technically cooking) at the same time. The result? A new World Record with 2353 tong-gripping participants!

As part of these celebrations, Castle also launched their #BraaiNation app with braai tips, recipes from SA’s favourite sports legends, beer timers and braai timers, and even a quiz to keep you entertained while your meat cooks to perfection. Essentially everything you could ever need from a braai-friendly phone, aka “BraaiPhone”.

“The BraaiNation app is the most beautiful consumer app that we’ve ever created,” says Jason Goliath, Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O). “We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation into this BraaiPhone and we think consumers are going to love the functionality that assists with the cooking of your meat and cooling of your beer.”

Download it on BraaiOS or MANdroid and let the taste factory of #BraaiNation commence.

This year, on National Braai Day  Castle Lager will attempt to break the world record for the most people braaing at the same time. The new Castle commercial is a celebration of this exciting event, while also highlighting a well-known South African truth: nothing beats the combination of a delicious braai and an ice-cold Castle Lager. If you want to get your braai on, go to the Castle site.

Castle Lager Braaination from Ogilvy South Africa on Vimeo.


Creative Director: Carl Willoughby

Copy Writer: Tracy-Lynn King

Art Director: Georja Bunger

TV Producer: Lesley Roe

Business Unit Director: Marc Crerar

Account Director: Eliah Chauke

Account Manager: Ryan Morais

The latest Phillips campaign ‘You Need To Hear This’ from our London office has set the tone for digital in the advertising and music world. By incorporating an 80′s themed video game and a music experience which allows you to land up with something awesome and remixed personally by you.

The game was built around the music provided by Swiss Lips’ latest track ‘Carolyn’ and players use Sam (Lead singer of Swiss Lips’) as the main character who is hell-bent on saving his damsel in distress Carlyn from the Flame Gang anarchists. The style of the game was created around the vision of a traditional 16-bit driving game with a millennial vibe comprised of remixes and and video in a 3D environment.

This digital experiment consists of seven audio environments all provided by Swiss Lips who created every audio element specifically for the use of the game. The player has the chance to view multiple scenarios and has the potential to create thousands of potential remixes. The player with most views of their mix gets ranked on a leader board too!

Watch out for the release of Swiss Lips’ Carolyn single which is to be released on Vevo.


In the tradition of dancing monks, flying ostriches and other fantastical events, we’ve created this piece for our delicious client Cadbury Dairy Milk. It’s a well-known fact that Cadbury puts that extra half a glass of milk in their chocolate, making it super decadent – take a look at what the team did with the idea of getting it juuust right:

As part of this magical journey into Joyville, chocolate lovers (i.e. everyone) can play a game online to try to fix the Gigantically Generous Glass and a Half Gizmo that makes the delicious chocolate. Give it a go here.

Or join Cadbury Dairy Milk tomorrow (13 July) at Sandton City to see the Gizmo in real life. The Joyville Squad will be in the activation area (Checkers forecourt) from 9:00 to 17:00, & from 10:00 the online game winners will get a chance to control the real–life Gizmo & win some awesome prizes. One lucky person will also be randomly selected to have a go at the Gizmo, just by being at Sandton City on the day. Head on over to the Facebook page for more info on the activations.

gizmo web

Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Tseliso Rangaka
Creative Director: Peter Little
Creative Group Head: Andrew Pearson
Head of TV Production: Debbie Dannheisser
Business Director: Vanessa Vosloo
Account Manager: Siyabonga Mbalo
Social Media Manager: Adam Skikne
Social Designer: Bianca de Jager
Digital Account Director: Tash Edmondson
Digital  Creative Director: Dylan McLean
Digital  Art Director: Brendan Ho Yong
Digital Copywriter:  Shane Geffen
Digital  Strategist: Romy Salant

Director: Mike Middleton from Jump
Production House: Flint and Tinder

Baby Soft has kept generations of South African families well stocked with thick, absorbent and silky soft 2-ply toilet tissue. And all the while, Softi, their adorable labrador puppy mascot, has been frolicking in an out of TV ads, working his way into the hearts of young and old.

But now, things are about to change. Thanks to Micro-Pillow Technology, Baby Soft is now softer than ever. Which got us thinking – perhaps it’s time for a new, softer mascot to match? Introducing Shlumfi the super-fluffy cat who’s taking on the old favourite, Softi the pup.

Baby Soft is asking fans to vote for their favourite in their Softer-than-Ever Mascot Showdown. If you’re undecided, there are videos, statistics and other useful bits of information to help you make up your mind on the Baby Soft website


TV campaign credits:


Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin

Creative Director: Robyn Bergmann

Art Directors: Zach Nossel, Michelle McKenna

Copy Writer: Michelle McKenna

Designers: Hazel Davies, Natasha Prinsloo, Orla Hunter

TV Producer; Esme de Miranda

Directors: Asher Stolz, Brian van Niekerk

Production House: Team Best

Sound design: Louis Enslin (Produce)

Post-production: Warwick Allan – Mushroom Media

Account Director: Kate Turner

Business Director: Bridget Christensen


OgilvyOne credits for the digital campaign:


Creative Director: Dylan McLean

Designer: Orla Hunter

Assistant designer: Kamohelo Kuaho

Developer: Leanne Grunewald

Technical manager: Richard Knowler

Group Account Director: Nimay Parekh

Account Director: Georgia Matthews

Senior Social Media Manager: Corli de Kock