alphThis year, DStv was once again one of the major sponsors of Design Indaba. As such, they needed to have a strong presence at the event. But how do you talk to what DStv is all about, all the entertainment and a wide range of amazing content, while also making a piece of communication that all those artsy folks at a world-renowned design conference would appreciate?

The solution came in the form of creating DStv’s own entertainment-inspired typeface. This DStv alphabet was intricately crafted with each letter representing an iconic character or piece of entertainment. Can you guess what each letter stands for?

Four fantastic, young illustrators from Cape Town were briefed to design the letters, thus also giving local talent a platform at the event.


The idea then exploded into other mediums from an A-Z digital icon suite and papercraft letter giveaways to posters and giant 3D letters.

After buckets of blood, sweat and tears and a couple of grey hairs later, the 2m high 3D letters were completed and carefully delivered to Cape Town. They were placed in high-traffic areas at the venue, giving people the chance to enjoy and interact with them.


With speakers like Marian Bantjes, Jessica Hische, Louise Fili and Matthew Carter on the line-up, typography and illustration were major themes at the 2013 Indaba, making the DStv typeface project all the more relevant.

Ultimately the campaign combined entertainment, technology, design and creativity in a delightful, fun and engaging way – ensuring DStv’s involvement in the conference didn’t go unnoticed.

Team credits:

Georja Bunger – Art Director

Tracy-Lynn King – Copywriter

Carl Willoughby – Creative Director

Fran Luckin – Executive Creative Director

Tom Prentice – Group Account Director

Caree Ferrari – Managing Partner, MultiChoice

Shirley Wagner – Head of Print Production

Quintin Wright – Head of DTP

Aldo Pulella – Digital Art Director

Greg Pentopoulos – Model Maker

Emma Cook – Illustrator

Daniel Ting Chong – Illustrator

Adam Hill – Illustrator

Jordan Metcalf – Illustrator

Our newest ad for Cell C is all about the everyday person who uses the network. It’s a brand manifesto and their first official, non-retail, non-product brand ad in years – celebrating not just the way cellphone technology connects all of us together in inextricable ways and the role that connectivity plays in our lives; but also celebrate the people that are on Cell C’s network.

Cell C is an enabler, the only network in South Africa that is FOR the consumer, not themselves, and this ad aims to showcase the way in which all our lives are richer because of the way we can now connect, or unplug, anywhere, any time, and share those moments with whoever we choose.

The team decided not to simply cast and import the usual “perfect” models and actors. This is an ad about real people from all walks of life across the country, so they made sure that most of the casting was done in the towns and cities they were going to shoot, with the people who live there.

They also enlisted the help of Deon Wiggett to reinterpret, not just translate, the script – with some delightful results:

The Team

Creative Director – Louw le Roux

Art Director – Darryn Rogers

Copywriter – Andrew Pearson

Agency Producer – Debbie Dannheiser

Production Cpmpany – Picture Tree

Director – JH

Producer – Gary King

DOP – Werner Maritz

The recent KFC campaign celebrates the aboKlevas – the dreamers, the street smarts, the savvy I’ll-make-it-happen self-starters. To aboKleva sithi Salute. “AboKleva know where they want to go and make a plan to get there,” says Creative Director, Molefi Thulo. “They may not have a Harvard education, but they’re determined to beat the odds.”

Launched in March this year, the campaign’s multiple phases highlight different angles of this theme, rolling out on various platforms, from television to building wraps, billboards and radio.

The fifth and latest campaign phase will roll out on print, radio, mobile and digital platforms, and features a special collaboration with acclaimed local musicians Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa and Mandla Spikiri Mofokeng. After all, who better epitomises aboKleva values than this dynamic duo, who have overcome setbacks to achieve considerable success in their field, turning rejection into inspiration?

Putting their heads together yet again to create something remarkable, the Kwaito and House music maestros will get summer off to a sizzling start with a new track that is as much autobiographical as it salutes aboKleva who slog away to make things happen. Fans will be able to download the track, titled “Kleva”, using a specific USSD code – give it a listen here.

“The KFC Streetwise campaign salutes the go-getters who push from nine to five and five to nine. They may not yet have attained the fame of Oskido and Spikiri, but they have their sights firmly fixed on the stars,” says Thulo.

Campaign credits
Mike Martin – Creative Director

Molefi Thulo –Creative Director

Justice Mukheli – Art Director

Lynette Ngwata – Account Director

Galaletsang Kgoathe – Copywriter

Mponeng Sedumedi – Copywriter

Nqobile Mncube – Art Director

Palesa Motiki – Copywriter

Pierre Cassuto – Group Account Director (Digital)

Forget Tai Chi, meditation and CDs with whale sounds and rain-stick noises. In the uptight, stressful grind of day-to-day life, if you really want to get people to chill out, you need a radical chill intervention.  Enter the new KFC Milkybar Krusher campaign, which extends the existing Krushers’ “How about a nice cup of chill?” into a whole new chill-out craze:  Face Yoga.

Face Yoga is a new exercise craze, where one practices the art of pulling one’s face into different “poses” in order to relax. In the same way that yoga strengthens muscles and induces relaxation, so Face Yoga prepares you to drink the new thick and crunchy Milkybar Krusher, resulting in the ultimate chill.

And of course you need an instructor if you’re going to attempt a rigorous routine like this. That’s why you need self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru, Shmarmy Kush! Watch the videos below for an easy guide on how to pull of poses like the “Yes I can listen to you and tweet” and the “I’m LOL-ing but still don’t get the joke” pose.

Team Credits:

Mike Martin – Creative Director

Bridget Johnson – Creative Director

Marion Bryan – Creative Group Head

Catherine Conradie – Creative Group Head

David Krueger – Copywriter

Junior Art Director – Leighton Coertze

Genna Hansen – Social Media Manager

Cindy Booysen - Account Management

Shera Eshmade - Account Director

Tessa Weakley – TV Producer

Team Best – Director

Emma Hurley – Art Buying

Colleen Idle – Production

Mike Lewis – Photography

AMI – Illustration

Kate Mallett – Digital Account Executive

Pierre Cassuto – Digital GAD

Dylan McLean – Digital Creative Director

Leigh Hunter – Designer

Byron Phillipson – flintntinder (Production Company)

javasThe story goes that many years ago, Javas Njongo was shipwrecked on a remote island. “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. But over time I found my calling. The people on the island felt lost. They needed someone to take their hand and show them the way. They needed a wise man. They needed me.” (Or so he told us via satellite phone.)

Hailed as a wise man who has the answer to every possible everyday problem – from unrequited love to neighbour woes – Javas graciously invites these troubled souls to sip from the fountain of his wisdom.  When it comes to giving good advice, they rate Javas simply the best, better than all the rest.

But Javas has a secret: He has learned all these lines and insights from the movies, songs and documentaries he watches on his secret television, hidden in his home… and he’s sharing them all with you. Any question you could possibly think of, Javas has an answer to it. He’s available 24/7, so just tweet his hotline to get all the wisdom you need.

This fun new campaign ties in with DStv’s exciting rebranding launch. It’s a fully integrated campaign that shows how watching television shows like those on DStv can in fact open up your world, and expand and enrich your knowledge base, through access to common wisdom found in popular culture. In addition to the 60-second commercial, the integrated DStv campaign will roll out on multiple platforms, including social media and digital.

You can be Javas’ friend or follow him and even ask questions on the website – each one will be answered by the wise one himself.

Campaign credits

Caree Ferrari – Managing Partner

Fran Luckin – Executive Creative Director

Carl Willoughby – Creative Director

Carey Dowse – Art Director

Ruby Fourie – Copywriter

Phindile Ndizekeli – Account Director


OgilvyOne team:

Dylan Mclean – Creative Director

Nimay Parekh – Client service

Mick Santapaga – Creative

Georgia Matthews – Client service

Jeannette Grove – Creative

Orla Hunter – Creative

Warren Hunt – Strategy

mapOn Friday renowned South African adventurer Riaan Manser departed from Cape Town on an epic journey to Add Hope across South Africa. Over the next two months he’ll be cycling the word “hope” across SA while consuming limited calories – highlighting both the plight of hunger and the positive impact that Add Hope is making to the country’s children.

Manser has battled extreme cold while circumnavigating Iceland and Madagascar in a kayak, and cycled around Africa through conflict zones, alone and unaided. Now he tackles yet another challenge: filling hungry tummies.

“I’m calling on everyone to help me save a few lives by the end of my journey. I will be highlighting the issue of hunger and showing people the impact that Add Hope makes and continues to make to children’s lives,” says Manser.

Through the use of geo-tracking, this never before attempted journey will also be visible and traceable on satellite maps for fans to track. Customers and fans can get involved and help “feed” Manser emergency calories throughout his challenge by tweeting about the journey and using the hash tag #AddHope.

Manser’s bike will have a donation collection vessel fastened to it. People who come into contact with him along his trip will be able to contribute their R2 into the box, thus also increasing his load while he rides.

The adventurer will visit various KFC stores and several other Add Hope partner beneficiaries where he will be served the same meals as the children. “I’m looking forward to meeting the children and visitors and uncovering many of the stories of hope that the children have to tell,” says Manser.

If you want to get involved, click through to the KFC Facebook page or visit the Add Hope website to donate.

We’ve all imagined that we’re the stars of a movie about our lives. It might not have been the most exciting movie, but there’s magic in the everyday things we do. With a good narrator and some dramatic music, everyone’s life becomes movie-magic worthy.Never more so than with the new M-Net brand advert titled, My Life as a Movie.

Starring local heartthrob Emmanuel Castis as the hero of the narrative, the ad uses emotion as the predominant language. “We wanted our viewers to believe that magic happens in their own stories. There are definite parallels between the stories on-screen and our own. Who says that magic only happens in the movies?” says M-Net Head of Marketing and Publicity, Mpeo Makape.

“It’s not every day that a brand points out the dark and unpleasant sides of life. But we had to go down to go up again. Such is life. Nevertheless, we hope the ad leaves people with a sense of hope and optimism, as well as the realisation that magic happens every single day – not just on the screen, but off-screen too,” said Creative Director Mariana O’Kelly.

The Team

Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Copywriter: Stephanie van Niekerk
Art Director: Renier Zandberg
Agency Producer: Debbie Dannheiser

wimbleIf you make the dreaded commute/crawl into the Sandton CBD via William Nicol every morning, you’d have seen this beauty going up yesterday. To celebrate the start of Wimbledon on SuperSport in HD, the team created a really HD billboard (above).

Just like the celebrated courts of Wimbledon, the grass will be faded, cut and distressed as the tournament progresses – matching the wear and tear the courts experience leading up the final matches.

For logistical reasons the team weren’t able to use real grass – it would have added more than 5.5kg’s per square metre and a total of 450 kg’s of additional weight to the structure. They’ve used the next best thing: synthetic grass which is lighter and more manageable, but it still came to 360kgs. The team has also worked hard with Continental Outdoor to design a process to age the synthetic grass to create the desired effect. Here they are painting the fake tennis court on the only place big enough for it…a real tennis court:

Join all the other fans wishing they were in London with some strawberries and cream through Twitter on #SSTennis, as well as updates on the tournament.


Creative Director: Louw Le Roux
Art Director: Peter Little
Copywriter: Andrew Pearson

diamondKyknet’s latest TV drama, Vloeksteen delves deeper into the underworld of diamonds. To launch the campaign, Ogilvy created rich media banners that asked viewers to “scratch for more” on a scratch card styled diamond.

The banner expands to reveal an intricate work of art created by acclaimed artist, Diane Victor. As the user explores deeper, with the use of a diamond magnifier to view the artwork in detail and watch the trailer.


You can delve deeper yourself on Litnet.


Artist: Diane Victor

Art Director: Renier Zandburg

Copywriter: Steph van Niekerk

Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly

Developer: Mark McIntyre

Digital Creative Director: Dylan McLean

Group Account Director: Nimay Parekh

Senior Account Manager: Georgia Matthews

Group Account Director: Tom Prentice

Media Placement: Stella Heyns – Neo@Ogilvy

When we started working on the MK is… campaign, the biggest challenge was to make young South Africans fall in love with local music and in turn also with MK – the leading voice of the local music scene. We wanted them to realise that MK is… just like them.

So we made MK into a real life character who was on Facebook, tweeted and filmed episodes from his life. These daily episodes flighted on the MK channel and synchronised on all digital platforms. Fans could BBM, direct message or befriend MK on Facebook in real time and MK would respond in real time. We used the music of 22 new indie bands across all content, exposing our audience to bands they didn’t know existed. In total we created three characters who each lived for 20 days.

By integrating across all channels, we generated over 90 000 Facebook interactions, 1100 tweets and reached no 6 on YouTube’s most watched list. It’s largely thanks to MK’s vision and willingness to try new things that this campaign became a success.

The campaign has been nominated for a D&AD pencil in the Channel Branding and Multi-platform Branding and Promotions Categories. The awards will live streaming tonight at 20:00. It’s also been nominated for a One Show Design Pencil in the Broadcast Design Category.


Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Writer: James Smith, Frank van Rooijen, Mark Haefele
Art Director: James Smith, Frank van Rooijen, Mark Haefele
Account Executives: Kay Motabu, Caree Ferrari