Energy drinks are aimed at getting people to do more, and more, and more. They seem to miss that there are normal everyday events that require energy to get through, or excel in. Lucozade is there to help you overcome those tricky and tiring moments, those “give-me-strength” moments.

To illustrate this, Lucozade created a campaign of radio advertisements to symbolize the energising effect of Lucozade.

Executive Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo
Creative Director: Molefi Thulo
Creative Director: Peter Little
Copywriter: David Krueger
Art Director: Tammy Retter
Business Director: Candice Shortt
Group Account Director: Lauren Mallett-Veale
Account Manager: Brett David
Strategic Planner: Stefan Siedentopf
Sound Engineer: Louis Enslin (Produce Sound)

AddHopeToday is World Hunger Day and 3.3 million South African children go hungry every day.

But there is Hope.

As World Hunger Day comes and goes, and another year passes, the plight of the hungry still hangs heavily on the world, and this country, but where there are dark clouds there are silver linings.

KFC is committed to advocating in the fight against child hunger and is working with 90 organisations on the ground that makes it their mission to help children daily. Through KFC’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Add Hope, KFC calls on customers to donate R2 at its 750 stores countrywide to give a meal to a child.

Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg fully supports this incredible initiative. Please take the time to do so too. It just takes one click.

Share the “Thank You Very Much” AV on May 28th (World Hunger Day), and for every share the AV receives, KFC will donate a food parcel to an Add Hope beneficiary.

truck You have got to love Ben & Jerry’s the ethical, quirky ice cream Brand, not only for their products but for the way in which they have embraced consumers particularly through the Social Web and in the process developed some truly memorable campaigns.

One of which is the launch of a new limited edition flavour……but before we get into that, let’s look at some of the Brand’s most memorable campaigns…

Beginning with turning Facebook on it’s head back in 2009 by rolling out FlipMyText, a Facebook app that does what it says on the tin and flips words upside down. The app was created to celebrate the US release of Brand’s Flipped Out Sundaes, which were designed to be tipped upside down for maximum enjoyment.

The idea was taken into (upside down) Print and even ambient with the Ben and Jerry’s upside-down truck.

Then last year they created the ‘Do the world a flavour’ campaign in which Brand Followers were invited to invent their own selection of the popular ice cream by way of a entertaining online “Creation Station.” Finalists won a trip to the Dominican Republic to see a sustainable honest trade cocoa farm and the profitable taste was made as an official Ben & Jerry’s product.

Continuing with the crowd source theme, Ben and Jerry’s launched a Twitter campaign in Singapore, titled “Milk Us a Flavor Name” targeting Singaporeans to help choose a name for its newly launched ice cream.

ben_and_jerryTo participate, consumers had to follow @BenJerry_SG and tweet their suggested name with the hashtag#Benjerryflavor. The first 500 people who tweeted a suggested name to Ben & Jerry’s will received a scoop of the new flavour!

More recently there was the Ben & Jerry’s new social campaign highlighting the importance of World Fair Trade Day. Called “Fair Tweets“, the campaign leverages your unused twitter characters as messages, hash tags and links to help promote World Fair Trade Day

So what has Ben and Jerry’s conjured up this time? Well, it all began with a rumour that a new flavour was being launch inspired by what some claim as the funniest skit ever on SNL, starring, amongst others Alec Baldwin….

schweddy-ballsThat’s right folks, Schweddy Balls ice cream is here! So hats off to Ben and Jerry’s! We salute you and your tasty balls!