Let’s be honest, the airline industry and Social Media haven’t had the best of relationships – no doubt that this is mainly driven by consumers utilizing Social Media platforms to voice their dissatisfaction in some area or another….think back to United breaks guitars, or their recent re-instatement of 9/11 flight numbers, which understandably was met with outrage from consumers.

Then there was last year’s Kevin Smith debacle, and more recently the Mother and daughter who were told that they were “too fat to fly“!

Despite inadvertently providing a (almost) constant source of bad press, have you noticed that the airline industry in general are not only embracing Social Media but are actually doing some exciting and innovative campaigns in this space?

Let’s begin with a great little time wasting utility app from SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) that isn’t actually made for its loyal customers, but for their competitor airline customers…..

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Vice Chairman of the Ogilvy Group and popular TED talks speaker, Rory Sutherland, chatted to Jenny Crwys-Williams and Andy Rice on Talk Radio 702 in their popular weekly Ad Feature.

Rory chatted about his much talked about theory on the application of behavioural economics to advertisers and agencies, and how studying how people actually behave, rather than how they behave in theory, will lead the discipline in a new direction.

He advocates that agencies should find ways to make profound contributions, rather than just spending their client’s media budgets, and that behavioural economics can be used as the basis for these contributions.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth: