Now that rugby fever has truly enveloped all South Africans, we thought we’d share some of Castle Lager’s epic ‘Amajita on Tour’ videos with you. Together with Castle, we have brought the Castle protagananists to life in a series of informative clips to help South Africans cope in ‘Kiwiland.

Like the answer to taking on the mighty Haka for instance…

For over 50 years, starting way back in the 60s, the relationship between South African Breweries and Ogilvy has contributed to building some of this country’s most famous brands. It’s truly a friendship that has stood the test of time!

To celebrate this enduring relationship, we’ll be posting a few of the iconic ads we’ve made together over the years, starting with this retro beauty. “Brewmaster” (1978) is the very first commercial we produced for Castle Lager.

The late Nick Tredoux wrote the famous pay-off line, the Taste that Stood the Test of Time, and introduced South Africans to Charles Glass and his celebrated Society.

The production house was James Garrett who came out from London to make the commercial. Television had only been in South Africa for two years, so local production facilities were limited.

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