abeyWe had our very first open Q&A this morning – something we’ll be doing on a monthly basis. Thank you to everyone who took part, was great having a chat with you and finding out what’s important to people. Here’s how it went down:

@DaleSW: In this digital age, how much longer before so-called ‘new’ media is considered ‘traditional’ media. Or will that shift ever happen?

@Abeyphonogenic: Digital should be the great unifier of all that we do – it’s an intrinsic part of our existence. We are on that journey.

@kepeena: It’s now three weeks into the gig, how are you feeling?

@Abeyphonogenic: I’ve had an awesome welcome. It’s a complex business, but one that plays a fundamental role in society. Lovin’ every day!

@WitsBSchool: What are the attributes of great leadership?

@Abeyphonogenic: Servant leadership! Attributes: vision, integrity, courage, judgement, empathy, passion, emotional intelligence.

@cathryn_meyer: Who has inspired your leadership style and how?

@Abeyphonogenic: Different lessons from different people: my Dad, my Gran, Madiba, Obama, Nunu, and more – all are servant leaders.

@OgilvySA: What is your favorite David Ogilvy quote?

@Abeyphonogenic: Raise your sites! Blaze new trials! Compete with the immortals!

@marklives: How will proposed legislation around alcohol and fast food affect your agency and how are you preparing for it?

@Abeyphonogenic: We build brands – we do it in the light or the dark. Ultimately we are media agnostic,we will continue to find new ways to engage.

@fabbgab: What is your favourite campaign of all time?

@OgilvyCT: What is your favorite ad or ad campaign of all time?

@Abeyphonogenic: The Obama election campaign. It made an entire nation do something previously unthinkable – that’s the power of what we do.

@markzella: What is the fundamental role of philanthropy in building a brand?

@Abeyphonogenic: Our BigIdeaL philosophy is rooted in that a brand’s best self is when it makes the world a better place. It’s compulsory.

@KBellSays: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a leader?

@Abeyphonogenic: People make you a leader, they choose you – not the other way round. Not even a title makes you a leader.

@CodeRedComms: If you could choose any ad campaign to work on with no limitations, what/who would it be?

@MIQUALZULU: What would be your dream client?

@Abeyphonogenic: The National Planning Commission – they understand what we need to do to progress SA. They need all our support.

@K_2000: Ever thought of starting a cult? You have the skills for it, hey.

@Abeyphonogenic: No I haven’t. Any ideas?

@MIQUALZULU: Can we get a crocodile in the pond?

@Abeyphonogenic: If you can bring it in from the Vaal, but I’m worried about when @julianribeiro takes a dip!

@KBellSays: How do you encourage creative thinking within Ogilvy?

@gennahansen: How do you foster creativity and motivate your teams to produce the BEST all day every day?

@Abeyphonogenic: Ideas are the currency of the future, we create physical and mental spaces for them to come alive.

@markzella: What would be your advice to students entering the industry?

@Abeyphonogenic: Stay curious. Stay committed. Stay connected. Be Intelligently naïve…

@chrisrawlinson: What has been your most exciting entrepreneurial project so far in life?

@Abeyphonogenic: Making my son, he will give me many riches.

@missjoeycpt: Can you make the transition from production to advertising? Only with production experience?

@Abeyphonogenic: Yes. Creativity is a level playing field.

@Neobll: What’s your fresh perspective on how to package and sell great work?

@Abeyphonogenic: Remember that most people do the same thing – take a different approach but remain authentic.

@tweetdelicious: If Ogilvy was an ice cream, what flavour would it be and why?

@Abeyphonogenic: Caramel – the perfect balance between left and right brain. Robyn called it the bridge between logic and magic.

davidMany Ogilvisms have become popular catchphrases, but one that rings particularly true for us is about the people we hire. “If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”

We are in fact so proud of these giants, that we want to share some of their expertise with everyone else. Once a month we’ll be giving you the opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wondered about – and one of our giants will answer.

Wonder what it feels like to lose a pitch? How sloggish is the brainstorming process? Can advertising do good? How do you go from the drawing board to the TV screen? Where do the Ogilvy Peacocks come from? #AskJOgilvy is where you go for answers to all of these questions.

On Friday at 10:00 we’ll be doing our first interview via Twitter with the newly appointed Ogilvy South Africa CEO, Abey Mokgwatsane – so start thinking up some questions!