diamondKyknet’s latest TV drama, Vloeksteen delves deeper into the underworld of diamonds. To launch the campaign, Ogilvy created rich media banners that asked viewers to “scratch for more” on a scratch card styled diamond.

The banner expands to reveal an intricate work of art created by acclaimed artist, Diane Victor. As the user explores deeper, with the use of a diamond magnifier to view the artwork in detail and watch the trailer.


You can delve deeper yourself on Litnet.


Artist: Diane Victor

Art Director: Renier Zandburg

Copywriter: Steph van Niekerk

Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly

Developer: Mark McIntyre

Digital Creative Director: Dylan McLean

Group Account Director: Nimay Parekh

Senior Account Manager: Georgia Matthews

Group Account Director: Tom Prentice

Media Placement: Stella Heyns – Neo@Ogilvy

When we started working on the MK is… campaign, the biggest challenge was to make young South Africans fall in love with local music and in turn also with MK – the leading voice of the local music scene. We wanted them to realise that MK is… just like them.

So we made MK into a real life character who was on Facebook, tweeted and filmed episodes from his life. These daily episodes flighted on the MK channel and synchronised on all digital platforms. Fans could BBM, direct message or befriend MK on Facebook in real time and MK would respond in real time. We used the music of 22 new indie bands across all content, exposing our audience to bands they didn’t know existed. In total we created three characters who each lived for 20 days.

By integrating across all channels, we generated over 90 000 Facebook interactions, 1100 tweets and reached no 6 on YouTube’s most watched list. It’s largely thanks to MK’s vision and willingness to try new things that this campaign became a success.

The campaign has been nominated for a D&AD pencil in the Channel Branding and Multi-platform Branding and Promotions Categories. The awards will live streaming tonight at 20:00. It’s also been nominated for a One Show Design Pencil in the Broadcast Design Category.


Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Writer: James Smith, Frank van Rooijen, Mark Haefele
Art Director: James Smith, Frank van Rooijen, Mark Haefele
Account Executives: Kay Motabu, Caree Ferrari


Michael Krynauw, Facebook Innovation Manager at Habari Media, has been educating agencies and brands on how to successfully leverage Facebook to meet their business objectives. Over the past 2 years he has been working with the Top Tier brands in each market to develop page, media and technology strategies that increase engagement and encourages participation by your brand advocates.

He’ll be joining us for How To Friday tomorrow, talking about the latest changes to Facebook and how to build essential connections. He’ll delve into page strategies and best practice, media strategies and how to amplify your brands message, technology and f-commerce.

He’ll also talk in depth about the Facebook brand scorecard which allows brands to measure their performance, as well as  share a few best practice case studies.

Follow the conversation through #HowToFriday tomorrow from 11:00.

TEDxChange 2012 is a TEDx event co-organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TED. Convened by Melinda French Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, TEDxChange will focus on issues surrounding global health and development. TEDxChange type events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of some of the other events hosted around the globe today. Because of last minute issues at the venue in Soweto, we offered the team our Campus for today.

In this TEDxSowetoChange, speakers will take a step back and apply new perspectives to big picture issues: Why, as the developing world, should we continue to look to the West for our development needs? How can we work with others across borders and political boundaries to bring about positive change at home and elsewhere? And what is the exchange?

It’ll also feature our very own Executive Creative Director, Fran Luckin, who’ll be speaking about the award-winning work we’ve done for the  Topsy Foundation, most notably the Selinah commercials.

Since it’s inception, Topsy has done amazing work to help people affected by HIV. The TV commercial shows how an AIDS sufferer who receives antiretrovirals can regain all the health they have lost in just 90 days. It’s called the Lazarus Effect.

With Topsy’s help we located Selinah, a patient displaying the advanced stages of AIDS, who was brave enough to agree to be filmed. Topsy started her on treatment and she was filmed every day for a period of 90 days. No special techniques or tricks were used in the post production of this commercial – the transformation you see before you is absolutely real.

This tangible proof of recovery helped bolster donations for Topsy – and also made people realise that there is hope for victims of HIV. Afterwards, we also did a behind-the-scenes with Selinah:

Fran will be speaking at 15:00 today. Follow the conversation on #TEDxSoweto.

DStv was one of the main sponsors for this year’s Design Indaba. We knew their stand had to be brave, unique and interactive – letting visitors experience so much more.

We installed an activation that would allow people to interact with the world of DStv. Through augmented reality, people could immerse themselves in different scenarios and play with dolphins, leopards, astronauts, dinosaurs and even the weather! Hundreds of people interacted with the DStv brand during the three day expo – it literally stopped people in their tracks.


Group account director: Nimay Parekh

Senior account manager: Georgia Matthews

Creative director: Dylan McLean

Creative director: Carl Willoughby

Development partner: Appshaker UK