sethSeth Rotherham is founder and CEO of 2oceansvibe Media, GQ’s Best Dressed Man, veteran blogger and Twitter King. He’s visiting on Friday to talk about digital media in SA and the transforming his sideline from a blog to a credible news source and digital radio.He’s convinced that SA’s internet radio growth will outstrip the rest of the world, and with good reason. Twelve years in the making, Google has awarded with a higher “PageRank” than, Mail & Guardian, Business Day or speaks to over a million unique readers every year (1 million vists between Jan and April 2012).On top of that, their  online listenership is higher than that of KFM and the average listening time is just under 3 hours.It’s a brave new world, so join the conversation to hear what Seth has to say about it. Follow him and #HowToFriday from 11:00 on Friday.

wimbleIf you make the dreaded commute/crawl into the Sandton CBD via William Nicol every morning, you’d have seen this beauty going up yesterday. To celebrate the start of Wimbledon on SuperSport in HD, the team created a really HD billboard (above).

Just like the celebrated courts of Wimbledon, the grass will be faded, cut and distressed as the tournament progresses – matching the wear and tear the courts experience leading up the final matches.

For logistical reasons the team weren’t able to use real grass – it would have added more than 5.5kg’s per square metre and a total of 450 kg’s of additional weight to the structure. They’ve used the next best thing: synthetic grass which is lighter and more manageable, but it still came to 360kgs. The team has also worked hard with Continental Outdoor to design a process to age the synthetic grass to create the desired effect. Here they are painting the fake tennis court on the only place big enough for it…a real tennis court:

Join all the other fans wishing they were in London with some strawberries and cream through Twitter on #SSTennis, as well as updates on the tournament.


Creative Director: Louw Le Roux
Art Director: Peter Little
Copywriter: Andrew Pearson

alanAlan Edgar‘s last Cannes selection of the best Film pieces that took top honours over the weekend:

Bonjour mon petit ad-junkies!

There are some things that you come to expect if you’re lucky enough to attend Cannes – the disdainful attitude of the local waiters (ha!), paying R100 for a beer at the Gutter Bar and now… Droga5 picking up either a few Grand Prixs or a Titanium Lion again.

They’ve done it every year since they opened in 2006 with beauties such as The Unicef Tap Project, the Obama Election Campaign, the Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ work. This year they’ve done it again with a ridiculously simple piece in the brand new Grand Prix for Good category.

The TV ad is arguably, I think, a bit cringe-worthy. That aside, the initiative is unquestionably genius and has delivered tremendous results. See what you think.

And here’s their awards entry – which is bloody nice. Excuse the pun.

In the Film category there were 22 Golds, which we’ve showcased a whole lot of previously in last weeks posts, so I’ll just cover those we haven’t touched on. Beware! There are some really strange ads including underpant-clad dads, fantasy beer factories and this one…

GOLD FILM LION: Doritos presents: The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega, The Dip Desperado.
It’s an ad which drives people to an online experience to try encourage them to try ‘dipping’ and hopefully replicate this activity in real life. Love it or hate it, it won them Gold.

GOLD FILM LION: Nathan Hahn: ‘SuperDry’
The latest in a series of “Pioneering Beering” ads depicting a hyper-stylised Hahn SuperDry brewery where the ‘superness’, represented by a series of unorthodox influences, is infused and brewed into the beer at every stage of its creation.

GOLD FILM LION: DIRECTV: ‘Stop Taking in Stray Animals’
This is a series of six ads depicting the perils of having cable TV. Worth watching? Well, if you like Charlie Sheen, houses being blown up, Vegas horror stories and laughing? Yes. Here’s one example – check out the rest.

GOLD FILM LION: Procter & Gamble: ‘Best Job’
Alright, enough of the craziness. This work is an example of beautiful cinematography, editing and usage of music. If you don’t have a lump in your throat, at the end, you’ve got a heart of stone – enough said. Get the tissues out.

Talk about pushing the communications industry forward – GOOGLE developed a music-video unlike any other: an immersive, interactive, multi-window music video where you can enter a message and see it brought to life by dancers within the video. Original message cards and videos are generated, which users can share with the world. Sacre bleu!

Saving the best for last, what won the Film Lions Grand Prix? Well to explain what and why it won, here’s our Über-boss and jury president Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather and Chairman of our Worldwide Creative Council:

And who said that the ad industry didn’t have a social conscience? Ahhhh.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this small selection of ads; for more check out the Cannes website – it’s gob-smackingly inspiring. For the last time, from the Bryanston Riviera, au revoir!


J’adore starting on a journey I have planned (like the direction I had for today’s post), but then something happens which takes me in a completely different, unexpected direction – and I end up having waaaaay more fun.

I was going to showcase some of my favourite pieces from various categories but then I thought, “Bugger it! It’s Friday. Nobody wants to think; just give everyone some bloody soul-candy.” So I’m going to give you a mix of stuff that’s won hugely already, then work that I simply love – and that I’m predicting will probably win an award, or three, over the weekend.

Then finally, one video that has two helluva lucky geezers doing what we’d all love to do just once in our lives… watch and see for yourself.


At the Press Lions the Grand Prix went to a controversial Benetton ad from Italy which featured world leaders kissing, the campaign entitled UnHate was created by in-house agency Fabrica. The ads were praised for creating a debate and instigating a comeback for Benetton, who have a history of controversial ads.

Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather and President of the Film and Press Juries said, “[the ad] was above the others by a millions miles.”

Here are some great TV ads and an Activation that, even if they don’t scoop some metal, are still winners in my book.

LG – OLED TV “The Thief”

NIKE – JORDAN “The Explosive Game”

JOHN LEWIS “The Long Wait”

THE GUARDIAN “Three Little Pigs”

CANAL DIGITAL “The Man Who Lived in A Film”

CANAL+ “The Bear”

Ha! Don’t you love those CANAL ads? Just another reason to admire the French.

OK, here’s a piece that won the ultimate accolade in the Cyber category; and then please watch my final movie of what two guys did with their FUELBAND. (Or at least with the money that Nike gave them to film a commercial.) Epic. The Nike+ FuelBand team talk about the inspiration behind the next great Nike+ product designed specifically for everyday athletes. Their motto: Life is a Sport. Make it Count.

In their own words, “We shot this in 10 days, just the two of us.”

Feeling inspired? Wondering what you’re doing watching this when you could be conning somebody to make your dreams come true?

Well… think of something. Go, Brain, Go!

Avoir un bon week-end, mes chéris.

marianaMariana O’Kelly, one of our Creative Directors, writes to us from Cannes:

I never thought Cannes could be such hard work. By now I was suppose to have an awesome new Zara top, great French toys for my kids and a super sized present for my hubby who’s playing mommy and daddy this week. But no. I have been a total nerd. Le Cannes nerd.

You see, at any given time there are all these awesome presentations, seminars or workshops all happening at the same time. Great speakers. Famous ad guys. And a magnitude of work to browse through.

Not that I browsed. Categories like PR, Media, Direct, Promo and Activations are growing at an alarming rate, so I thought I better take my time to go through it all. To understand it better, in case my mom ever asks me what an activation is.

Well, after a while my head was swimming. And not in the Mediterranean. All these ideas were trying to get to me and I was trying to figure them out, get to the point of it.

And then one word popped into my head. A very popular word from this year’s festival and that’s the word Conversation. Why then were so many ideas shouting at me, desperately trying to impress me and be my bff?

I’m beginning to wonder if we ad people have not fallen in the same trap most girls fall in. We love the men in our lives and want to look good for them but we dress for other girls. After all, they are usually the ones that will notice the difference between a Mr Price pair of rip offs and the real Trenery deal. Or the R1000 difference in the stitching of a dress. Face it. We woman dress to impress other woman.

In the same sense, you can tell when ad guys are doing ads for other ad guys. It makes sense; they are the ones that will be able to tell the R1 million difference and award each other for it. What has happened to the conversations we are suppose to have? Have we forgotten who we’re trying to impress? Are we trying to “crack ideas” or are we trying to find the best relevant topics of interest for our market?

It doesnt matter what category we enter and what field we specialise in. We are all talking to someone somewhere who, frankly, doesn’t really wanna listen. That conversation is more important than the Integration and will integrate itself if its worth listening to.

The work that wasnt trying to be my friend was the work that made me stop. It was the work that made me feel less like a nerd and effortlessly rewarded me for missing out on a swim and a cold 1664.


Creative Director, Alan Edgar, is spending his nights missing his wife (who’s in Cannes) and writing us blog posts. Here’s his favourite outdoor print and ambient work:

Bonjour my little petit pois, I’m reeeeally gettin’ into zee swing of zee Cannes Awards here in our own leetle Sandtin Riviera een Sloane Street.

But my French accent is as bad on paper as eet eez in real life so I’ve been told to knock it on the head.

OK, Confession time again: the only thing that makes me feel more sick than not being at Cannes in the flesh is seeing how brilliantly simple the winning work is in the Outdoors Category.

In a continuation of their ‘Have a Break’ Campaign, Kit Kat has produced these gold-winning posters; the insight is so current that I’m sure everyone will be able to identify with them.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any simpler check out this other Gold Lion winner for Virgin Australia; it looks like a scamp from a creative guy’s layout pad. I’d love to speak to the team involved and ask them how difficult it was coming up with something that reads as effortlessly, and as immediately, as this? Très bon.

The Mercedes-Benz F-CELL work (the invisible car) won the Grand Prix in this category but the posters for its ‘Night View Assist’ features took Gold too. Check out how smart and beautifully art directed this work is:

OK, at first glance, the next winning campaign completely screws up my argument about simplicity winning the day, but the idea behind it is easy-peasy to understand that it communicates instantly.

Finally, in terms of posters, I love this last campaign. You think you’ve seen every conceivable, cliched washing detergent ad under the sun, hey? How are you going to make people start believing what you’re going to say about your formulation? Well, don’t start with your product, start with an insight about stains. We’d all admit that we know that our food has a million additives in it these days, right? Well, as soon as people acknowledge this it’s easy to convince them that no old-fashioned detergent will be enough to deal with new-age additives in stains. Très magnifique.

My wife, who was dragged kicking and screaming (not) onto the plane to go attend Cannes this year, tells me that the audience at the Palais went mad for these last pieces of work:

Carlsberg produced this stunt in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theatre. Innocent couples want to take their seats, but the room is filled with not-so- friendly gentlemen… How will they react?

This was to launch a TV channel in Belgium, called TNT (who’s tagline is ‘We know drama’). Instead of telling the TNT story to the public they decided to give them a story to tell and directly engage them. Triggering the unstoppable curiosity of people they placed a big red push button on an average square. The sign with the button invites people to ‘push to add drama’. And then they waited…

More tomorrow. Au revoir!

This Greenpeace campaign was done for COP17 to raise awareness about climate change and the fact that fresh drinking water could possibly be fought over in the future like countries do over diamonds and oil today. It’s a vividly moving campaign, showcasing the power of radio and storytelling.

Last night the campaign won Bronze Radio Lions, and Tseliso Rangaka, one of the Creative Directors who worked on the project, was there to accept it.


Above is our first letter from Ogilvy Joburg MD, Julian Ribeiro.

As always, I feel privileged and grateful to be here. It’s incredibly inspiring and energizing, and deepens my love affair with this beautiful business.

But you can get as much out of the week as any one of the thousands of delegates. Seriously.

You can see all the work we can see. And ultimately, that’s the greatest source of inspiration and learning.You can also get a taste of all the workshops, seminars, forums and master classes. The synopses will tell you all you need to know about the conversations that are taking place.

You just can’t join me at the Gutter Bar. (You’ll be grateful!)

It’s pretty frantic – there is so much going on all at the same time. (Tseliso’s just arrived, and those were his first words.) So you’ve got to be adept at planning your time carefully.

You need time to see all the work, and go to workshops, seminars, forums, master classes, and film and titanium screenings. And get back to the apartment to change for the award show. And then go for dinner. And then a party. And then the Gutter Bar. And before you know it, it’s 05:00, and you remember you want to get there early for the first workshop.

On Tuesday there was work which literally took my breath away. I am particularly in awe of the Ogilvy China poster for Coke which won a Grand Prix Outdoor Lion.

And it’s a great story of talent liberation. Graham Fink, the ECD for the region, saw a piece of work he did, searched all over China for this guy, offered him his fist job in advertising, and he did this during his first two weeks. He’s 20. And my hero!

Gotta go. About to start a master class session with Jeff Goodby, founder of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. The session is called ‘Why aren’t they buying my brilliant fucking idea?’. Selling work that changes the way people look at the world often starts by changing the way a client looks at the world. To accomplish this, who will you be?  And what will you bring with you?

He’s the guy who convinced someone to buy ‘got milk?’, the Budweiser Lizards, Nike ‘Skateboarding’, the Häagen-Dazs ‘Save the Honey Bees’, Audubon’s ‘Birding the Net’, and some even stranger stuff you’ve never heard of and probably with good reason.

I’m sitting with Mariana and Tseliso. They say ‘hi’.

Holding thumbs for some metal tonight.


dmAlan Edgar, is a Creative Director at Ogilvy Joburg, guest stars on Jogilvy with some insights into the Cannes 2012 winners thus far:

Direct Marketing (or CRM) was often treated like that fat, freckled kid at school who always used to get beaten up; trust me, I know, I was one of them. Ha!

It was regarded at the ugly stepson of the family but these days it seems to have grown into something quite special. It’s an advertising medium that’s proven its resilience. It’s dynamic, surprises, delivers tangible results, punches way above its weight and, dare I say it, it’s become pretty… ‘cool’.

See how far it’s developed, from the ‘junk mail’ of old, by watching this inspiring selection of winners from this years Cannes Lions. (To put it into perspective of how competitive this category is consider these stats: 2357 entries were submitted into the Direct Lions category, an increase of 27% compared to 2011).

Let’s start with the BIG winner: The Grand Prix for American Express: ‘Small Business Gets an Official Day’. Genius.

Cannes Gold / EMART: ‘Sunny Sale’

QR Codes. They’ve never really taken off because they’re considered a bit of a pain in the ass to work out. But this ‘shadow-activated’ QR code took Gold because it managed to enthrall consumers and had them engage in droves.

Cannes Gold / Mercedes-Benz F-CELL: ‘The Invisible Drive’

The campaign promoting F-CELL technology had to be just as innovative as the technology itself. By turning the B-Class F-CELL invisible with the help of the LED construction, they created a perfect way to demonstrate the USP of the technology – its invisibility to the environment. This is something to be seen.

Cannes Gold / Montblanc: ‘The Beauty of a Second’

What could you achieve in ONE second? Not much, you’d think. To celebrate their 190th birthday Montblanc ran a competition that challenged people to distill everything they knew about cinematography and focus their skill to capture beauty in a 1-second-long video, creating the shortest ever short-film contest. See for yourself how it went:

Cannes Gold / LEGO: ‘Builders of Sound’

As part of the promotion of the sets of Star Wars toys, Serviceplan Campaign has built a huge barrel organ for LEGO. The construction took 20,000 LEGO bricks to make, and when the barrel of the organ is turned it plays the Star Wars theme tune. You may have seen this before but it’s well worth another view.


The goal of the campaign was to take full advantage of World Downs Syndrome Day to attract the attention of the public to the importance of integrating people with Down Syndrome into society. A very touching piece of work.

Cannes Silver / EXIT DEUTSCHLAND: ‘Trojan Shirt’

How would you reach a target group that operates relatively secretive and communicate a message to them that puts their beliefs into question? This campaign is targeted at ‘helping’ Neo-Nazis escape from a world that they find impossible to escape.

Hope these examples inspire you as much as me and sway you to re-evaluate your attitude towards Direct. Hell, maybe, even start giving ‘Direct’ the love it deserves.

Ogilvy had a great first day at Cannes 2012 – and so did South Africa. Here’s a selection of some of the Ogilvy work from across the world that tapped into simple insights to come up with inspiring solutions.

Work conscious of the environment did particularly well,  like this extremely simple – but effective – idea from Ogilvy India, earning them a Bronze Direct Lion. If all letters were folded once more, how much smaller would envelopes be? And how much paper would that safe? A lot, it turns out.

Ogilvy Cape Town‘s print work for Volkswagen BlueMotion also won a Bronze Direct Lion. They worked from the insight that magazines clutter up people’s homes, and then eventually end up in landfills, meaning that all the print advertising inside them contributes to paper wastage. They asked a simple question: can a print ad help save paper, not waste it? The answer is just as simple – turning post boxes in to recycle bins.

Work that used multiple platforms to tell a story was also very successful – showing that integration isn’t only good for the consumer, brand and engagement but also for winning awards! Ogilvy Australia handed the most iconic brand over to the public,  instantly grabbing an entire country’s attention in a way that had never been done before. The campaign was designed so that both product and communications acted as an invitation to ‘Share a Coke’ with someone you know (or want to know). Whether digitally, interactively or socially, Australians all over had in their hands the tools to find, connect and share with one another. See more of this campaign that won a Bronze Direct Lion and a Bronze PR Lion rolled out here.

Another integrated campaign that has been praised all over Cannes this year, is the Carling Black Label Be the Coach one done by Ogilvy Cape Town. Last night it won a Bronze Direct Lion as well as a Bronze PR Lion.  In this world first, soccer fans were given the chance to finally fulfill their dream of being the coach of their team and making all the big decisions.

Ogilvy Brazil came up with a genius idea to educate consumers about all the different things you can make with mayonnaise, earning them a Silver Direct Lion. If the consumer buys Hellmann’s at the supermarket, the software in the cash register detects it and starts matching it with other purchased products, printing a personalised recipe onto the receipt itself. Brilliant way to perk up point of sale – and make mouths water!