Playing with your children. Riding a bike. Coming home after a long day. Moments like these are what make life worth living. But for some, this very moment might well be their last.
What if you could play a part in ensuring that there are many more such moments?

That’s what The Topsy Foundation, together with Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, have partnered to do this World AIDS Day on 1 December with their “Buy Them A Moment That Matters” campaign.

Captured in evocative photographs of real people living with HIV and AIDS in the impoverished communities Topsy serves across South Africa, these “moments” will be available to the public to purchase on either, or by sending an SMS with “TOPSY” to 39810 (in South Africa only).

All proceeds from every purchase will go towards Topsy’s life-saving treatment and care programmes, enabling the individuals it supports to continue to relive their most valued moments and fulfill their hopes and dreams.

“This campaign gives online shopping and browsing a new twist, targeting people on platforms that are exceedingly popular at this time of year and making charitable giving an integrated part of the online shopping experience,” says Nimay Parekh, Digital Group Account Director.

Saving thousands of lives over the 12 years since its inception, The Topsy Foundation is a fully-registered and internationally-respected non-profit and public benefit organisation that provides medical and social relief services from their free HIV and AIDS Care Clinic.

“The recent UNAIDS Global Report  highlights that there is a decrease HIV infection rates of up to 49%  amongst adult South Africans,” says Silvia de Jager, Topsy’s Executive Director. “That, coupled with a five-fold increase in government spending to heal the country of the disease, makes it clear that it is now essential to support organisations like Topsy to continue this positive trend.”

Launching on World AIDS Day on 1 December, the campaign will extend into 2013, giving the public further opportunities to support this cause.

From as little as R15, your donation can change lives. To buy a moment that matters right now, visit or SMS “TOPSY” to 39810 (in South Africa only).

Visit and follow or like them for more information. You can also follow the conversation around the movement #WorldAIDSDay and #EndOfAIDS.


Creative Directors: Dylan Mclean and Bridget Johnson

Art Director: Brendan Ho Yong

Copywriter: Shane Geffen

Technical Manager: Richard Knowler

Web Developers: Wesley Sharman and Leanne Grunewald

Photographer: Warren van Rensburg

Media Strategist: Brad Page

Group Account Director: Nimay Parekh

Account Directors: Georgia Matthews and Kate Turner

Social Media: Amanda Sevasti

PR: Leigh-Anne Hunter

The recent KFC campaign celebrates the aboKlevas – the dreamers, the street smarts, the savvy I’ll-make-it-happen self-starters. To aboKleva sithi Salute. “AboKleva know where they want to go and make a plan to get there,” says Creative Director, Molefi Thulo. “They may not have a Harvard education, but they’re determined to beat the odds.”

Launched in March this year, the campaign’s multiple phases highlight different angles of this theme, rolling out on various platforms, from television to building wraps, billboards and radio.

The fifth and latest campaign phase will roll out on print, radio, mobile and digital platforms, and features a special collaboration with acclaimed local musicians Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa and Mandla Spikiri Mofokeng. After all, who better epitomises aboKleva values than this dynamic duo, who have overcome setbacks to achieve considerable success in their field, turning rejection into inspiration?

Putting their heads together yet again to create something remarkable, the Kwaito and House music maestros will get summer off to a sizzling start with a new track that is as much autobiographical as it salutes aboKleva who slog away to make things happen. Fans will be able to download the track, titled “Kleva”, using a specific USSD code – give it a listen here.

“The KFC Streetwise campaign salutes the go-getters who push from nine to five and five to nine. They may not yet have attained the fame of Oskido and Spikiri, but they have their sights firmly fixed on the stars,” says Thulo.

Campaign credits
Mike Martin – Creative Director

Molefi Thulo –Creative Director

Justice Mukheli – Art Director

Lynette Ngwata – Account Director

Galaletsang Kgoathe – Copywriter

Mponeng Sedumedi – Copywriter

Nqobile Mncube – Art Director

Palesa Motiki – Copywriter

Pierre Cassuto – Group Account Director (Digital)

sheraShera Lee Eshmade is a Group Account Director at Ogilvy Johannesburg. She loves traveling and hates cooking. Even this late in the year when everyone’s suffering from Novemberitis, she’s still excited about creating awesome every day. Here’s why:

I have a friend who works at the JSE. Let’s call said friend “Stanley”. Stanley subscribes to the uniform of visible-but-not-too-loud pinstripes, distinguished silk tie, double cuffed shirt and expensive Italian leather shoes. All day. Every day.

Life for Stanley consists of serious-not-allowed-to-smile meetings. These meetings include the stuff of great world triumphs… like analytical reporting, using stochastic calculus and Black-Scholes calculations (Look it up. I had to).

Stanley gets to advise clients on the use of derivatives to reduce risk in their investment portfolios. A revered expert at guiding portfolio managers to effectively value financial instruments. Stanley does not get frowned upon for speaking in a monotone; he’s expected to. Stanley will never need botox. Ever.

Everyone wants to know a Stanley. No-one wants to be a Stanley.

I’m assuming you can guess where this is going: We have bloody awesome careers. We just forget sometimes. We have diverse opportunities in a largely happy environment. How often do you feel a tad chuffed when someone asks what you do and you get to say “I work in advertising”? The proverbial pause is critical, allowing their inevitable thought process of wild parties, crazy hairstyles and creative genius.

Suddenly to the banker, teacher, software developer or engineer you are instantly interesting and clearly at the forefront of all that is awesome. How often do you get told, “Oh yes that makes sense – you ‘look’ like an advertising person”. That’s right, Stanley. Yes I do.

Far too often we get caught up in the chaos of deadlines, timing plans, job bags and the client exercising (with misguided enthusiasm) their non-existant creative muscle. Take that all away for a moment if you will. What’s left? Wild parties, crazy hairstyles and creative genius, of course.

It’s more than that though – we are left with people who chose jobs where smiling is a daily requirement. Where creative solutions are not an alternative, but a necessity. Where thinking is not mandated to stiff chairs and grey boardrooms. Where the sound of peacocks mating accompanies the sound of ideas forming. There are mad moments. There are challenging moments. There are beautiful moments. But there is never, ever a dull moment.

You get to make a noise at any given time. Nobody flinches at the sound of a vuvuzela or a newly shot ad ringing throughout the building. You get to stick inappropriate pictures up and are issued with chalk so you can write on the walls like kids. We can wear shorts and slops to work and literally run around the agency wearing stick on moustaches for our company Christmas card.

Best of all, we genuinely like each other. We have built friendships far beyond professional politeness. We get to proudly say “I did that” when we are watching TV or driving on the highway. We get to be at the forefront of change and shape new thinking.

We get to define awesome.

Every week there is change around us. We have new departments, new teams, new technologies and new ways of communicating to keep track of. We can’t be good, we have to be great. Greatness comes at the cost of remaining an eternal intern, of choosing to be the student and accepting change instead of avoiding it.

It doesn’t matter if you know all the principals of doing the perfect billboard if you don’t know how to now design a web banner. It doesn’t matter if you can write the perfect six page brief if you do not know how to bring in the right people to do it. It doesn’t matter if you can lead a team, for it will mean nothing if you do not protect them and fight for their ideas.

We forget and get bogged down too easily. We get stuck behind our desks and have forgotten we even have ducks. We allow our assumptions to guide us rather than our curiosity.

Every single day we get to create the world. We make art come to life. We get to debate and fight for ideas we believe in and we get the support to make them happen. We get to do that by believing we can. By choosing to smile. By caring. By listening. By adjusting.

By loving what we do, we will be better at it. So smile and remember we work in advertising, baby. That’s pretty much the coolest career out there… just ask Stanley.

10thSouth Africa’s third mobile telecommunications network, Cell C turned 10 years old today and to celebrate our Client’s Birthday we decided to do something a little less conventional.

We took out a Print Ad in the Financial Mail, but not just any Print Ad, we put a QR code in our Print Ad.

When our Clients snapped the QR code, it took them to a ‘music video’ we had created as their Birthday message

We also invaded their office with 1,000 helium balloons each attached with a quirky wish from every Ogilvy JHB staff member, and to sweeten up their day, we dropped off 10 decadent Birthday cakes.

At Ogilvy JHB, we don’t just wish our Clients Happy Birthday, we get the party started!

Forget Tai Chi, meditation and CDs with whale sounds and rain-stick noises. In the uptight, stressful grind of day-to-day life, if you really want to get people to chill out, you need a radical chill intervention.  Enter the new KFC Milkybar Krusher campaign, which extends the existing Krushers’ “How about a nice cup of chill?” into a whole new chill-out craze:  Face Yoga.

Face Yoga is a new exercise craze, where one practices the art of pulling one’s face into different “poses” in order to relax. In the same way that yoga strengthens muscles and induces relaxation, so Face Yoga prepares you to drink the new thick and crunchy Milkybar Krusher, resulting in the ultimate chill.

And of course you need an instructor if you’re going to attempt a rigorous routine like this. That’s why you need self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru, Shmarmy Kush! Watch the videos below for an easy guide on how to pull of poses like the “Yes I can listen to you and tweet” and the “I’m LOL-ing but still don’t get the joke” pose.

Team Credits:

Mike Martin – Creative Director

Bridget Johnson – Creative Director

Marion Bryan – Creative Group Head

Catherine Conradie – Creative Group Head

David Krueger – Copywriter

Junior Art Director – Leighton Coertze

Genna Hansen – Social Media Manager

Cindy Booysen - Account Management

Shera Eshmade - Account Director

Tessa Weakley – TV Producer

Team Best – Director

Emma Hurley – Art Buying

Colleen Idle – Production

Mike Lewis – Photography

AMI – Illustration

Kate Mallett – Digital Account Executive

Pierre Cassuto – Digital GAD

Dylan McLean – Digital Creative Director

Leigh Hunter – Designer

Byron Phillipson – flintntinder (Production Company)