Our newest ad for Cell C is all about the everyday person who uses the network. It’s a brand manifesto and their first official, non-retail, non-product brand ad in years – celebrating not just the way cellphone technology connects all of us together in inextricable ways and the role that connectivity plays in our lives; but also celebrate the people that are on Cell C’s network.

Cell C is an enabler, the only network in South Africa that is FOR the consumer, not themselves, and this ad aims to showcase the way in which all our lives are richer because of the way we can now connect, or unplug, anywhere, any time, and share those moments with whoever we choose.

The team decided not to simply cast and import the usual “perfect” models and actors. This is an ad about real people from all walks of life across the country, so they made sure that most of the casting was done in the towns and cities they were going to shoot, with the people who live there.

They also enlisted the help of Deon Wiggett to reinterpret, not just translate, the script – with some delightful results:

The Team

Creative Director – Louw le Roux

Art Director – Darryn Rogers

Copywriter – Andrew Pearson

Agency Producer – Debbie Dannheiser

Production Cpmpany – Picture Tree

Director – JH

Producer – Gary King

DOP – Werner Maritz

Earlier this year we kicked off an programme geared to find the absolute best talent available in South Africa. And that’s exactly what we found! We asked four of the tertiary institutions we have a longstanding relationships with to participate in the first ever Ogilvy Graduates Programme.

Students from the University of Cape Town (Business Science Marketing), the University of Johannesburg (Marketing), the University of Pretoria (Visual Communication) and Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic (all faculties) were really put through their paces.

Their challenge was to create and manage, in four months, a blog on any subject and in any language, that demonstrates not only a sound knowledge of target audience and engagement tactics, but the kind of groundbreaking ideas that would impress a selection panel comprising some of the most creative and business-minded people in the industry.

In addition to the blog entries, judged by O&M South Africa leadership and a member from the faculty of the respective institution, candidates were evaluated holistically for aptitude and experience, among other criteria. Finally, shortlisted entrants were invited for interviews to assess their interpersonal skills and culture fit.

Our panel got to meet 12 of the brightest young minds stepping into the creative industry this year. We were inspired by the passion and creativity of Liesle le Roux, Kyle Sparks, Gina Lodewijks, Jessica Foce and Michael Stopforth. Angelique Bandolini, Simone Carter, Tshepo Chaka, Caprice Montepara, Keren Schwartz, Glen Bvuma and Stephanie Baker blew us away with their knowledge and strategic thinking. Go follow them, read their blogs and keep an eye on their undoubted rise to superstardom.

It took a lot of deliberation, but finally our two winners were chosen:

Tshepo Chaka, a UJ Strategic Communications student whose blog aims to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship amongst South African youth, says he most enjoyed the interactive use of various social media platforms.

Michael Stopforth, a Visual Coms student from UP, blogs about his continued efforts to become superhuman. He draws comics and believes that everyone should get off the couch and go do something new.

Our winners will continue to blog as they embark on a customised six-month training and rotation programme designed to evaluate their skills and aide their transition into the industry. On identifying their particular niche and areas of strength and passion, with guidance from peer and senior mentors, the candidates will be permanently placed in one of the Ogilvy divisions.

The winners will be introduced to all the advantages of a vibrant, creative culture, stimulating encounters with people drawn from all walks of life, training sessions, exposure to the major sub-disciplines, and the opportunity to network and fine-tune their skills within the company.

We’re super happy to welcome Michael and Tshepo to Team Red and we’re sure they’re going to fit right in.

For more on the programme, visit the site and be sure to keep an eye out for the 2013 edition!

We are often astounded by the amazing, selfless work that some people manage to do. Far too often, we complain about traffic and not getting what we wanted from the office canteen when there are those who come up against much bigger challenges during the course of a regular workday.

Our newest campaign for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) tells the story of the extraordinary work that their doctors do on a daily basis. MSF is an independent, international medical humanitarian organisation that provides medical assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and disasters across the globe. Their doctors have to deal with some of the harshest conditions to deliver medical care to those who need it most in countries where the ratio of people to doctors is as little as 1 : 50 000

Featuring real-life field footage, the ad is inspired by the documentary, Living in Emergency (2008). Directed by Mark N Hopkins, it reveals the daily lives of four MSF volunteer doctors working in treacherous conditions within the Liberian and Congolese war zones.

In addition to this footage, Deepend editor, Daniel Mitchell, spent hours trawling through MSF archival footage to find the right scenes. The ad was revised several times to showcase all the MSF activities and get the perfect mix.

In its first week of flighting on DStv, SABC and eTV, MSF recruited 166 donors through the ad, which earned an Orchid in the Saturday Star. If you want to get involved, SMS the word “Join” to 41486 to make a monthly donation of R15. You can also find out more about the incredible work MSF does on their website or by following them.

Team Credits:

Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin

Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly

Art Director: Michelle McKenna

Copy Writers: Michelle McKenna, Taryn Scher

Editor: Daniel Mitchell (Deepend)

Producer: Lesley Roe