LoodleThe time is almost up for this years OGP’s and we’re excited to give you all a taste of what’s been happening with the Ogilvy Grads in the blogoshere.

Meet Lauren Adams (above), a postgraduate marketing student at Red & Yellow in the Mother City who loves fashion, coffee and marketing. Her blog, “Loodle” is about all those great things in life inspired by the creed, “Live! Laugh! Love!”.

Who doesn’t like rugby, right? Kelly Kingwill is the passionate rugby lover of the “Girls Guide To Rugga” giving you insight into the game from her perspective. Kelly acknowledges that women do have a place to love the sport with every fiber of their being just as much the guys and she’s even gone as far as to dedicate her blog to that very cause.

Okwami features design, fashion and photography which this blogger likes to refer to as her “Bare Essentials”. For all those things and a splash of Chinese Calligraphy and 澳门足球博彩_2016奥运会外围赌球最新官方网站【赔率最高】 a quirky twist visit Ntombi’s blog to see what she considers creative innovation.

This is what Tasmirah Mall has to say about the daily grind: “There’s more to working for a living, there’s living for a living”. She encourages her readers to be open-minded to experiencing Jo’burg in new and visit her blog Seen & Heard for some more insight into her passions: strategic communication, brands and people.

“Stompies: 1. noun (pl.) cigarette butts. 2. to ‘pick up stompies’ is to listen in on random conversation (South African colloquialism).” This is the foundation of Claire Brayshay’s blog, Pick Up Stompies who bases her content on random bits of overheard conversations.

StompiesStuart Hablutzel is the mind behind the blog Citizenise and on his latest excursion to the Neighbourgoods market he takes us on a video journey through the market exposing us Jo’burgers to the Cape Town scene through his eyes. Citizinise is centered around ordinary people doing extraordinary things in business. You can also view his Tumblr for some of his inspiration here.

CitiziniseLast but most certainly not least for this week’s OGP weekend reading feature is Ayanda Mbonambi. She claims that she would unapologetically rent a DVD with her last R20. In her blog, The Unpolished Cut she looks at celebrating the imperfections of this life by finding a cinematic anecdote.

Don’t forget to let our entrants know what you think of their blogs. As Elbert Hubbard said, “The final proof of greatness lies in being able to endure criticism without resentment.”

LifeAfterTheBreakupVlog_TristanWith the influx of entries to the first OGP challenge we understand that it’s tough to choose what to read first, so we’re here to help. We’ve selected a few of the blogs we think would make for some interesting reading over the weekend.

These five graduates display a uniqueness in their writing style and presentation allowing the experience to be totally different at each blog. Tristan Coetzee for example decided that a vlog would execute his one particular post better than what written content would. You can check it out here.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a tourist in South Africa? See what everyone else see’s too? Well, Being A Local Tourist written by Saxony encourages you to explore your local surroundings and venture out to the unknown, like trying out that new cafe around the corner that you casually drive passed every day.


Julia Christison‘s blog, Priceless Petroleum, is all about finding cheap alternatives to use instead of petrol. Her quest often leads to hilarious adventures and

disasters, showing that there are many lessons to be learned along the road.

If you’re looking to be inspired through the unusual or just plain curious then this might be what you’ve been looking for: “The point of this blog is to inspire awe and wonder in the imagination of the reader, by looking at some of the most radical, influential ideas being discussed around the world today. Curious?”- The “Awfully Curious” described by Dave Perrott.

Allan Hill is a Liverpool Football crazed fanatic. His blog is titled “#TheHonestTruth” and features LFC… and a lot of it! It has a little bit of Steven Gerrard and

some clips of LFC highlights. Allan also has other interests, so you’ll see some interesting posts around his favourite music and what he does when he’s not watching soccer.

TheHonestTruth_AllanHappy reading! We’re sure they look forward to hearing your feedback. For more information on the Ogilvy Graduate Programme visit the official site here.

mainTanya Kovarsky spent more than 11 years working on newspapers and magazines as a journalist, copy editor and editor before she left to start her own work as a trainer, copywriter and blogger to fund her Apple, Converse and washi tape addictions. She’s also a mom to toddler Max, a job she trains for by running the Comrades Marathon each year.

She has a personal blog Dear Max, a parenting site Rattle and Mum, and a running blog called Keep Running. Having edited a parenting magazine, and been on the receiving end of great campaigns, awful press releases, mom get-togethers, and 2am Twitter conversations with other sleep-deprived moms, Tanya is fluent in “Mom” and “What Moms Want”.

In Friday 16 August’s #HowToFriday session, Tanya will tell you what makes moms so influenced and influential on social media (using research and infographics that aren’t hers, plus some case studies). She will tell you what moms want, how to speak to them meaningfully, and what brand campaigns they’ve loved, had FOMO over, or moaned about on Twitter. She’ll also tell you that Huggies is the best nappy (obviously), that moms are still women, and what their insecurities are.

Remember to RSVP and join us to get the inside scoop on this niche community on Friday 16 August at 11:00 on our campus in Bryanston. You can also follow along on Twitter under #HowToFriday.


Bright and early on Thursday morning, a team of enthusiastic Ogilvy dog lovers spent their 67 minutes for Mandela Day helping out some four legged companions at Dogtown SA, also known as Barking Mad. Kate Turner and Codey Sueltz writes about their experience:

This great organisation was established in 2009 and specialises in rehabilitating, training, re-joining and giving the abused, neglected and abandoned dogs and puppies a second chance at finding there forever home. There are roughly 100 dogs at Dogtown and each is put through socialization and behavioural programmes to ensure they are able to be adopted. All the staff and volunteers at Dogtown are mad about dogs and give them much needed love and attention that they deserve. Dogtown is a pro-life organisation, meaning that they do not believe in euthanizing any of the animals.


The Ogilvy Staff were all eager to help, painting kennels and cleaning the kitchen, the Ogilvy love was spread across Dogtown. Thanks to all the staff who joined in and got those tails wagging!

All these innocent victims need is a home, lots of love and a chance at leading a full and happy life. If you would like to add to your family, please visit this organisation before going to a pet shop to buy designer dogs. Otherwise, if owning a dog it too much of a commitment, sponsor a kennel at only R350 per month.


Last week some Ogilvians spent their 67 minutes re-painting the girls and boys toilets at Reshomile Primary School in Diepsloot. Thandeka Ndidi writes about their experience: With paint in our hair and on our faces and clothes the spirit of giving back was contagiously spreading through to everyone.


Smiles all around as paint brushes were dipped into paint and a fresh new coat was painted on to the walls. Surely the boys and girls will be smiling at the bright walls of their toilets. To thank us the learners broke into song and dance enabling us all to practice one of our 8 habits – Playfulness as we all joined in too. To end of the 67 minutes we had dedicated to the school, we handed over learning charts, encyclopedias and other educational materials to the learners.

howAfter five years as editor of FHM magazine, Hagen Engler left the mag to start work as an independent writer. For this, he won the “Worst Career Move Ever” award at his school reunion. He is still busily trying to prove his classmates wrong as he ekes out a living from his lounge, writing for print titles, websites, corporate clients and agencies.

In between, he dodges nappy duty, watches SuperSport and tries to postpone the first beer of the day as late as possible. He is completing a book commissioned by Jacana and blogging at hagenshouse.com in between music and spoken word performances and his radio show.

He will discuss edited highlights of his FHM career, abandoning corporate life and setting up on his own, and the epic wins and fails of a year spent on the couch in his underpants.

Don’t miss this one if you’ve ever thought about quitting your day job and going freelance, make sure you don’t miss this one! If you’d like to join us on 26 July at 11:00 then send us a mail and we’ll reserve a spot for you. You can also follow along on #HowToFriday.


In the tradition of dancing monks, flying ostriches and other fantastical events, we’ve created this piece for our delicious client Cadbury Dairy Milk. It’s a well-known fact that Cadbury puts that extra half a glass of milk in their chocolate, making it super decadent – take a look at what the team did with the idea of getting it juuust right:

As part of this magical journey into Joyville, chocolate lovers (i.e. everyone) can play a game online to try to fix the Gigantically Generous Glass and a Half Gizmo that makes the delicious chocolate. Give it a go here.

Or join Cadbury Dairy Milk tomorrow (13 July) at Sandton City to see the Gizmo in real life. The Joyville Squad will be in the activation area (Checkers forecourt) from 9:00 to 17:00, & from 10:00 the online game winners will get a chance to control the real–life Gizmo & win some awesome prizes. One lucky person will also be randomly selected to have a go at the Gizmo, just by being at Sandton City on the day. Head on over to the Facebook page for more info on the activations.

gizmo web

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cannes_60thCaree Ferari is our Managing Partner on MultiChoice and writes from Cannes on what her first trip there has been like so far;

It is Day 3 of my first Cannes experience, and I am still overwhelmed.

My debut to Cannes has been a complete eye opener. From beautifully bronzed people strolling down the Plage de la Croisette, people basking in the sun on the various beaches (some a real sight for sore eyes) to thousands, and I mean thousands, of fellow Cannes Lions delegates moving between auditoriums and break away rooms.

Without the help of the Cannes Lions guide, both in book and digital format, I would not have known where to start.  Over the week there are 60 Seminars, 17 Workshops, 30 Forums, 10 Masterclasses and 9 Techtalks to choose from as well as all the work to view.  I feel like a kid in a candy store, not knowing where to start and which direction to turn.  It is pure sensory overload.  In true Virgo style I spent Sunday night working through the content programme picking what I want to attend and realised that this week is going to be one big juggling act!  Many of the talks overlap and choices need to be made.

You can judge by the queues as to which seminars are the most popular as the already long queues often double back on themselves such as the “Iconic storytelling frame by frame” with Annie Leibovitz; “Stories are more than a narrative, and fashion is more than design” with Vivienne Westwood; “What connects in comedy” with Conan O’Brien and “Culture as a creative catalyst” with Sean Combs aka P Diddy.

Somewhere in amongst all the talks I have managed to find time to stroll the back streets of Cannes and fit in a party or two.

We have been to 3 awards ceremonies so far.  They are slick, and are over within 2 hours despite an average of 30-60 Gold Lions being handed out.  The Silver and Bronze Lions appear on the screen only.  It was great to see KFC Add Hope receive a Bronze Cannes Lions for Media.

There is just so much to see and take in, and I suspect sensory overload by the end of Cannes Lions 2013. This has been an awesome experience, an absolute privilege to attend Cannes Lions and I have found the opportunity most certainly inspiring and fulfilling.