Castle Lager brought South Africa together with two great feats in one even greater day.

On Heritage Day the Castle Lager team took braai to the next level in six cities across South Africa. They set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most people braai’ing (technically cooking) at the same time. The result? A new World Record with 2353 tong-gripping participants!

As part of these celebrations, Castle also launched their #BraaiNation app with braai tips, recipes from SA’s favourite sports legends, beer timers and braai timers, and even a quiz to keep you entertained while your meat cooks to perfection. Essentially everything you could ever need from a braai-friendly phone, aka “BraaiPhone”.

“The BraaiNation app is the most beautiful consumer app that we’ve ever created,” says Jason Goliath, Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O). “We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation into this BraaiPhone and we think consumers are going to love the functionality that assists with the cooking of your meat and cooling of your beer.”

Download it on BraaiOS or MANdroid and let the taste factory of #BraaiNation commence.

Blog-Banner1This week we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know from the Loeries during Creative Week Cape Town. Parties, people, prizes – we’ll have it all. To do this, we’ve assembled a team made up of some of our most talented Team Red members.

Rowan Eva is a Business Director from Ogilvy Cape Town with around 75 000 Instagram followers and he’ll be the main man behind the lenses on the Ogilvy SA Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 1.45.28 PM

We’ve also got the very talented Tanya de Jongh who’ll be wielding her pencils and kokies to create recaps of all the speakers during tomorrow’s  International Seminar of Creativity. We found Tanya through the 2012 Ogilvy Graduate Programme and loved her so much that she’s now also working at our Cape Town office. Go and check out some of her work.

At the head of our search for well-dressed Ogilvians, we’ve got the uber-talented photographer Vuyo Mpanthsa hailing from our Joburg office. He’s part of the Iseeadifferentyou collective who are known for their work with Diesel + Edun. Their uniquely South African voice has resonated across the world, leading to a solo exhibition in Tokyo earlier this year.


Behind the scenes and manning the Twitter-decks will be Chris Rawlinson and Corli de Kock. Follow along for an insider’s view on what goes down and who goes up at the 2013 edition of the Loeries.

Africa-1Adam Skikne, a social media manager who is apart of our  Social@Ogilvy team is passionate about numbers. In his blog, Electric Sheep he shares his insight into the world of African Facebook users.

We’ve often heard that Africa is the next big opportunity for businesses and brands. We also heard that social and mobile are two factors that are going to shape the way that business is conducted in Africa. So with this in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to try shed some light on how how Africa accesses Facebook, the world’s largest social network, on mobile.

It sounds like a simple question but the answer is a bit more complicated. We should all know that there are a number of social and economic factors that make each African country unique in their own right. But through data from Facebook, we may be able to shed some light on the current mobile landscape in Africa and make some predictions about how it will change in the next few years.

How Africa Accesses Facebook in Africa

If you look at Africa as a whole, there are over 77 million Facebook users with over 51 million users who access the service on mobile. It is interesting to note that the ratio of Android to Blackberry devices in Africa is over 2:1 – (although this may include Android tablets). But this only provides a broader picture, so for your convenience, I’ve broken down the data for the five largest countries in Africa, based on the number of mobile users (a full PDF of all the data for 50 African countries can be found at the bottom of the page)

1. Nigeria

How Nigeria Accesses Facebook on Mobile

How Nigeria Accesses Facebook on Mobile

87% of Nigerian Facebookers access the social network from mobile devices. 68% of these mobile users use feature phones while another 18% use BlackBerries.

2. South Africa

How South Africa Accesses Facebook on Mobile

How South Africa Accesses Facebook on Mobile

93% of South African Facebookers access the social network from mobile devices. 47% of these mobile users access Facebook through a feature phone while another 30% use BlackBerry devices.

3. Egypt

How Egypt Accesses Facebook on Mobile

How Egypt Accesses Facebook on Mobile

FUN FACT: Egypt has the largest number of Facebook users in Africa but only the third highest number of mobile users. 45% of Egyptians use feature phones to access Facebook with another 38% using Android devices.

4. Morocco

How Morocco Accesses Facebook on Mobile

How Morocco Accesses Facebook on Mobile

Only 55% of Moroccan Facebookers access the social network on mobile. 39% of these users do so on feature phones while 37% of users use Android devices. It shouldn’t be long before the most popular way to access Facebook on mobile is on an Android device.

5. Kenya

How Kenya Accesses Facebook on Mobile

How Kenya Accesses Facebook on Mobile

85% of Kenyan Facebookers access the social network on mobile. Like Nigeria, a large percentage of these users (71%) do so on feature phones. Unlike Nigeria and South Africa, the next most popular platform is Android.

Some General Observations from the Data:

  • Feature phones are still king
  • Android’s market share is gowing in a number of a of African countries
  • BlackBerry is still prevelant but only in a select number of markets
  • iOS has found a niche in a number of markets but is not widely used
  • Microsoft should quit now or start making Android devices

A Note on the Data:

All of the data used in this post was sourced directly from Facebook’s Advertising Tool. To the best of my knowledge, all of the above data is as accurate as possible at the time of originally publishing this post. If there is an error in the data, it may be my fault (please let me know if you find something wrong). If I was not at fault, then Facebook was drunk. You can find a full PDF of the data here. If you would like it in an editable spreadsheet, please let me know and I will gladly supply it.

I have tried my best to not be misleading with the data in this post. You are free to reuse any of the figures in this article but please do so in context – this is important to make both you and myself seem less stupid.

This year, on National Braai Day  Castle Lager will attempt to break the world record for the most people braaing at the same time. The new Castle commercial is a celebration of this exciting event, while also highlighting a well-known South African truth: nothing beats the combination of a delicious braai and an ice-cold Castle Lager. If you want to get your braai on, go to the Castle site.

Castle Lager Braaination from Ogilvy South Africa on Vimeo.


Creative Director: Carl Willoughby

Copy Writer: Tracy-Lynn King

Art Director: Georja Bunger

TV Producer: Lesley Roe

Business Unit Director: Marc Crerar

Account Director: Eliah Chauke

Account Manager: Ryan Morais

The latest Phillips campaign ‘You Need To Hear This’ from our London office has set the tone for digital in the advertising and music world. By incorporating an 80′s themed video game and a music experience which allows you to land up with something awesome and remixed personally by you.

The game was built around the music provided by Swiss Lips’ latest track ‘Carolyn’ and players use Sam (Lead singer of Swiss Lips’) as the main character who is hell-bent on saving his damsel in distress Carlyn from the Flame Gang anarchists. The style of the game was created around the vision of a traditional 16-bit driving game with a millennial vibe comprised of remixes and and video in a 3D environment.

This digital experiment consists of seven audio environments all provided by Swiss Lips who created every audio element specifically for the use of the game. The player has the chance to view multiple scenarios and has the potential to create thousands of potential remixes. The player with most views of their mix gets ranked on a leader board too!

Watch out for the release of Swiss Lips’ Carolyn single which is to be released on Vevo.

OgilvillageAnyone who’s ever visited our campus will know that it’s got a bit of a village-feel to it. There are ducks and peacocks and there’s generally at least one person who’s having a day bad enough to make them feel like the Village Idiot.

Much like a village, we’re also made up of different parts. Sure, you could have only the one bit, but when everything works together it’s just so much better. Allow us to misquote the famous African proverb: it takes a village to raise a brand.

On 4 September, we’ll be showing you all around our village virtually. Think of it as visiting us through the internet! You’ll be able to ask questions, meet our people, see the sights and hear the sounds. All you’ve got to do is follow #Ogilvillage from tomorrow morning on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ and enjoy your trip to our little village in the heart of Jozi.

neo-walking-in-gardenOur co-ECD, Neo Mashigo, gets spotlighted by The New Age where they pinned him down for a fierce round of ’10 Questions’. Here’s what went down:

What is at the top of your to do list?

Making work that is loved by millions. I think if we do this then our clients’ brands will be loved by millions and lead to their growth.

What is your main business challenge right now?

Finding the balance between what clients want and what we think they need. It is important to keep these aligned to make sure that we remain partners and not suppliers.

Most important attribute needed to do your job?

You have to love solving problems. Always stay on top of where the industry is going and what people are doing. Be a bit offbeat.

The biggest trend in your industry?

Telling honest and real stories that connect with people and are digitally driven. This is led by the growth of social media and the demand for content. South Africa is lagging behind though.

What is your core strategy?

Trying to get brands to speak to the hearts and not just people’s minds and wallets, the aim being to forge long-term relationships with people and not simply achieve short-term results with consumers. A brand’s relationship with people is long term and a brand’s relationship with consumers is short term.

How will you make an impact?

I’d like to open up our industry to more creatives in non-traditional marketing and advertising industries. I think we need to break down the formal advertising walls to allow all creatives to participate in growing our clients’ brands and hopefully this will give South Africa its unique marketing voice.

What inspires you?

Big dreamers inspire me. People who think they can do the impossible. I’m very inspired by Google’s Project Loon; balloon powered internet access for everyone.

What are you currently reading for work?

Story by Robert McKee. I’m interested in great story telling and this book is the bible of screenwriting story telling. It’s about substance, structure, style, and the principles of screenwriting.

Your life philosophy?

Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be discovered.

At the top of my ‘bucket list’ (life wish list) is…

I want to be literally on top of the world, I want to climb Mount Everest. I hope to at least get to base camp next year.