Stefanus Nel is embarking on an epic journey. And we’re not using that word lightly. It’s the stuff legends are made of. If anything, it’s more an experiment to see how far he can travel, paying his way with quirky little drawings. 
He’s printed 50 cheque books and has 2500 potential swaps to make over his open-ended journey through South America. Each will hopefully get him something he needs, be it a bed for the night, something to eat or a coffee to share a story over. 
“I really want to see how far I can get with only my art. At the same time, it’s an interesting way to explore the value of art and creativity,” says the multi-award winning creative behind the Blink Stefanus brand. 

He’s freelancing at our Johannesburg offices until he leaves for Sao Paulo at the end of February. His first night of accommodation is sorted, but from there it’s up to his drawings and the people he meets. 

As a little practice run for the real deal, we’ve offered to help Stefanus get the word out about The Blink Project. In return he’ll pick five people around Ogilvillage that he’ll draw and collect a story from. We’ll share these here over the next 5 weeks, but in the meantime share his project with all your friends – especially those in South America!
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Thank you to Carl Willoughby for taking the pictures!