We are pleased to announce that our ‘Kevin’ TVC (directed by Keith Rose of Velocity Films), won a Gold Loerie Award this past weekend, hot on the heels of a Clio shortlist and a Bronze Lion at Cannes earlier this year.

Mariana O’Kelly, joint ECD of Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg says, “The ad makes people realise how easy it is to get pills for any lifestyle illness they can possibly have. But there are 3 million people living with HIV, who need only one ARV pill a day to survive, and who can’t get it. We wanted people who recognize themselves in Kevin, to step out of their comfort zone to help get the pills that really matter to those that really need them,”

Although ‘Kevin’ was originally created for the Topsy Foundation, the organisation has since redefined itself, and is no longer directly involved in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Topsy has therefore donated the ad to their Gauteng-based counterpart, the Witkoppen Health + Welfare Centre, and the TVC will begin flighting again under this new banner in coming weeks. To donate R10 to the Witkoppen Health + Welfare Centre, SMS “Witkoppen” to 38810.

Topsy’s new focus is on the care of orphaned and vulnerable children, their families, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS. To help their cause, visit topsy.org.za.

DStv’s new brand positioning “Feel every moment” was launched in July this year, with authentic stories that showcase DStv’s ability to create moments of connection between people.

This work is based on our observation of real moments of intimacy that happen between people when watching DStv. In the most recent installment of our campaign, we showcase DStv’s ability to bond a father and his young son, in their competitive enjoyment of a boxing match; in addition to providing two sisters with an opportunity to let their dancing divas shine.

Rhino poaching is, tragically, a growth industry. And when each rhino horn is worth more than a living rhino, this is unlikely to change unless we act to change it.

That is why the Castle Lager Boucher Legacy wants everyone to come together to place every rhino in safe hands.

Using the Rhino DNA Index System project, run by the VGL lab based in Onderstepoort, the CLBL want to DNA profile every individual rhino in South Africa. This will provide a powerful disincentive to poachers as every horn can be traced back to its source. This technology has already been used to put poachers behind bars, with the system being used in cases of rhino poaching already. They have already tagged 616 rhino and want to extend this protection to all South African rhinos and, hopefully, beyond South Africa’s borders.

Finding, tagging and profiling a rhino costs on average R10 000 ($1000) per rhino, so they cannot hope to achieve this goal without your help.

What started as a proactive idea by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg for SAB Miller Castle Lager, become a multi-million production, of which most has been donated or sponsored by various well-known South African celebrities, post production houses, animation houses and audio houses. In addition, Coldplay donated the use of their master recording and publishing rights to their song, “Paradise”.

This World Rhino Day, the 22nd of September, come together to add your voice to the call for donations. Because together, we can place all our rhino in safe hands.

Make a donation by SMSing ‘Rhino’ to 48800 to donate R10.

Add your support by donating your social media reach to our Thunderclap now.

What’s Thunderclap, you ask?
Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an “online flash mob.” Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr that cannot be ignored. So for instance, if you donate your reach and you have 1400 followers on Twitter and 600 friends on Facebook, all 2000 of them will receive our message at exactly the same time!

To find out even more or to donate online, visit The Castle Lager Boucher Legacy.


Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo
Creative Director: Molefi Thulo
Copywriter: Tanna Goott
Art Director: Rita-Marie Ludicke
TV Producer: Esme de Miranda
Business Director: Marc Crerar
Account Director: Eliah Chauke

OgilvyOne: Marc Ratcliffe, Danielle Timmins, Brigitte Le Roux, Justin Oswald & Nicholas Wittenberg
Ogilvy Public Relations: Nick Bedford, Devon Hooper & Kirsty Ballard

Productions House: Egg Films
Director: Sunu Gonera
Executive Producers: Colin Howard & Kerry Hosford
Producer (On Set): Julia Schnurr

Music – Publishing Rights: UNIVERSAL Music Publishers - Gavin Green
Music – Master Rights: WARNER Music – Prebashness Seesunker

Stock Footage: SA TOURISM – Ian Utermohlen
Margi Sheard supplied the hi-res footage at no cost for transfers.

Behind The Scenes: Burley Boys – Daryl Burley



Help a group of of South African township kids to amplify their voices through creativity!

We are very excited to share this project with you, but firstly, we’d like to provide you with some context:

At the beginning of this year, Umuzi Photo Club launched “The Power of 50″, an innovative 12-month programme aimed at helping talented young people become the next generation of creative professionals. Umuzi is a youth development organization that works with young people in under-resourced communities to create socially informative multimedia, which inspires engaged citizenry, youth activism, and change.

The programme combines essential artistic skills with on-the-job training and offers placement opportunities within the professional, creative industry for all graduates… and this is where Ogilvy comes in. Our creative team has had the pleasure of mentoring and guiding 5 of the talented 50 through a live brief and pitch process. These are the incredible results:

socks Hello. 

Our names are Sithembiso, Simangele, Obakeng,Tebogo and Lucky. 

20140812054615-SITH 20140812055532-SIMANGELE 20140812055612-OBAKENG 20140812055634-TEBOGO 20140813045302-LUCKY_PIC

Towards the end of last year we were hand-picked to study at a tertiary institute that recognises creative ability in kids from underprivileged communities around South Africa – kids who would never have had access to that type of education. Or any type of education, most probably.

We’re a group of budding photographers and one graphic designer, and as an assignment we were tasked with creating an exhibition that reframes and visualises South African youth.  When we were brainstorming creative ideas, we never imagined that it would turn into a business idea. But here we are. 

We’ve spent the last few weeks taking photographs that give insight into the youth. Into us. Now we’re busy translating these photos into graphic designs for a range of socks that we’re hoping to produce. 

The creative thought behind the project is that people generally have a very negative perception about the youth. We want to challenge that perception by asking people to quite literally, put themselves in our socks.

We’ve been in contact with some sock manufacturers and it seems like the smallest run of socks that we can do per sock design is 250. To produce one design each (that being five designs in total) we’re in for about ZAR50 000 (or roughly $5000). We figure that if we manage to cover this initial outlay then we can produce the other designs with the profit that we make from the sales of our first run. It’s going to be awesome; we can feel it in our feet.

Please help us achieve this by going to our indiegogo page and donating what you can.

This idea might not change the whole world. But it will change a small part of it. The part that we live in. And right now, it ain’t the greatest part. It’s a place where people, our neighbours, some of our families, treat us like pariahs because we go to school and hope that one day we will make a little more of our lives than they have.

Forgive the drama but this could be our way out.

Like all new products on the market, we suppose we run the risk of not moving our stock. The great thing about this project is that even if we don’t make sales, we’re still making art.

If you can’t help with good ol’ greenbacks then please use the Indiegogo share tools to tell other people about Seeks Sock Co. Also, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Johannesburg on the 23rd of October come to our exhibition. We’ll keep y’all posted on the details. 

To donate on indiegogo or share the link with friends, click here. Yes, right here.

Follow The Seeks Socks Co. on Twitter & Like The Seeks Socks Co. on Facebook.