Tonight a new Pendoring Prestige Award winner will be announced, getting a chance to strut his stuff, spread his wings and show how he rolls – just like the creative team behind this year’s campaign did.

Renier Zandberg and Nico Botha are the guys behind Dis hoe ons rol and this year’s Pendoring campaign – which pushed up entry levels to a new record high.

Pendoring Paris

Pendoring New York

Alettie Marx, who worked as designer on the campaign, used photographs taken by Renier and Nico during their learnership at Johannes Leonardo in New York to create collateral that truly reflects the brag-worthy experience they had there.

Nadine, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Snotkop will be belting it out on stage. To stay in the loop during tonight’s ceremony, follow the team on Twitter.

*Roughly translates as, “You winner, you!”

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