Seems that the use of RFID technology has finally arrived in SA! Check out this campaign from Vodacom at this year’s Durban July….

Audi is claiming to have launched the world’s first interactive YouTube driving experience for the new Audi A6. Innovative yes, but is it the best representation of the Audi driving experience….?

We all know how a swear jar works, well here’s the online equivalent. Charity Swearbox is a donation-based site that provides Twitter users with a way to rectify their bad language online.

Most young people tend to find art and museums boring places that they have to go to on school trips or get dragged along to by the parents but a campaign in Poland is bringing art to a whole new generation thanks to smartphones and QR codes.

Who would have thought that a game would be the way to raise awareness about living below the poverty line, and how easily it could happen to anyone of us…….

You cannot help but be amazed how much you can do with a Facebook Application, a great example is this campaign from a snack food brand in Israel. They allowed users to upload a photo and share

some basic information about a friend which would then be turned in to a personalized video…

A new app from CP&B features the infamous Jello cube, which dances around to music playing on your iTunes and through your microphone. An original beat analyzer enables to to change its moves according to the track you are listening to, and you can change flavours as well.

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