Check out this clever campaign from Bell where you can create your very own portrait using words that you use on the social networks….

This viral campaign encourages youngsters in a playful way to stop littering the area outside McDonald’s restaurants. To accomplish this McDonald let the users slip into the role of tricky street kickers….

Nike are back with something a little different with projection mapping for the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe, this time throwing in water…

How does a Canadian publisher  get 12-17 year old girls reading? By using an augmented reality app!

What do ice sculptures have to do with skin cancer?

Kellogg’s been working with leading scientists to perfect a new ‘taste-o-vision’ technology which they say transmits taste using advanced visual flavour frequencies and dynamic audio textures….

“Shoebox” for iPhone, the fastest way to scan old paper photos and share them with family and friends…

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