abeyWe had our very first open Q&A this morning – something we’ll be doing on a monthly basis. Thank you to everyone who took part, was great having a chat with you and finding out what’s important to people. Here’s how it went down:

@DaleSW: In this digital age, how much longer before so-called ‘new’ media is considered ‘traditional’ media. Or will that shift ever happen?

@Abeyphonogenic: Digital should be the great unifier of all that we do – it’s an intrinsic part of our existence. We are on that journey.

@kepeena: It’s now three weeks into the gig, how are you feeling?

@Abeyphonogenic: I’ve had an awesome welcome. It’s a complex business, but one that plays a fundamental role in society. Lovin’ every day!

@WitsBSchool: What are the attributes of great leadership?

@Abeyphonogenic: Servant leadership! Attributes: vision, integrity, courage, judgement, empathy, passion, emotional intelligence.

@cathryn_meyer: Who has inspired your leadership style and how?

@Abeyphonogenic: Different lessons from different people: my Dad, my Gran, Madiba, Obama, Nunu, and more – all are servant leaders.

@OgilvySA: What is your favorite David Ogilvy quote?

@Abeyphonogenic: Raise your sites! Blaze new trials! Compete with the immortals!

@marklives: How will proposed legislation around alcohol and fast food affect your agency and how are you preparing for it?

@Abeyphonogenic: We build brands – we do it in the light or the dark. Ultimately we are media agnostic,we will continue to find new ways to engage.

@fabbgab: What is your favourite campaign of all time?

@OgilvyCT: What is your favorite ad or ad campaign of all time?

@Abeyphonogenic: The Obama election campaign. It made an entire nation do something previously unthinkable – that’s the power of what we do.

@markzella: What is the fundamental role of philanthropy in building a brand?

@Abeyphonogenic: Our BigIdeaL philosophy is rooted in that a brand’s best self is when it makes the world a better place. It’s compulsory.

@KBellSays: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a leader?

@Abeyphonogenic: People make you a leader, they choose you – not the other way round. Not even a title makes you a leader.

@CodeRedComms: If you could choose any ad campaign to work on with no limitations, what/who would it be?

@MIQUALZULU: What would be your dream client?

@Abeyphonogenic: The National Planning Commission – they understand what we need to do to progress SA. They need all our support.

@K_2000: Ever thought of starting a cult? You have the skills for it, hey.

@Abeyphonogenic: No I haven’t. Any ideas?

@MIQUALZULU: Can we get a crocodile in the pond?

@Abeyphonogenic: If you can bring it in from the Vaal, but I’m worried about when @julianribeiro takes a dip!

@KBellSays: How do you encourage creative thinking within Ogilvy?

@gennahansen: How do you foster creativity and motivate your teams to produce the BEST all day every day?

@Abeyphonogenic: Ideas are the currency of the future, we create physical and mental spaces for them to come alive.

@markzella: What would be your advice to students entering the industry?

@Abeyphonogenic: Stay curious. Stay committed. Stay connected. Be Intelligently naïve…

@chrisrawlinson: What has been your most exciting entrepreneurial project so far in life?

@Abeyphonogenic: Making my son, he will give me many riches.

@missjoeycpt: Can you make the transition from production to advertising? Only with production experience?

@Abeyphonogenic: Yes. Creativity is a level playing field.

@Neobll: What’s your fresh perspective on how to package and sell great work?

@Abeyphonogenic: Remember that most people do the same thing – take a different approach but remain authentic.

@tweetdelicious: If Ogilvy was an ice cream, what flavour would it be and why?

@Abeyphonogenic: Caramel – the perfect balance between left and right brain. Robyn called it the bridge between logic and magic.

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