robWith the release of Peter Godwin’s paperback The Fear: The Last Days Of Robert Mugabe by Macmillan, Chad Wright and Jordan Tryon built an unusual, decomposing sculpture of Robert Mugabe’s head to build awareness of the book.

As people view the sculpture, listen to the audio book and learn facts that Mugabe has kept hidden for years, it gradually falls apart. The audio extracts focus on the book’s primary objective: to expose the horrific truth of the Mugabe regime following his failed elections in 2008. A regime whose stronghold has been maintained entirely through fear and secrecy. The installation poses the simple question: can scrutinising the secret actions of the old autocrat actually help to undermine his regime?

The sculpture is modular and re-built daily. So you can decide for yourself. Visit the exhibit at Skoobs – the “Theatre of Reading” bookstore in Monte Casino.

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