From time to time some of the great people in our company also have something to say and JOgilvy is the perfect place for them to do just that. Newly appointed board member and Senior Strategic Planner, Gabi Kuhn-Bernstein writes about the simplicity of Big Ideas:

So they call me a strategist, but I’ve been branded a lot of things over the years. Geek, Guru, Type-A Planner, PowerPoint Junkie, Brains Trust… I actually quite like that last one!

I accept that I have been stereotyped and boxed, but just like my peers in advertising, I’m a business mind with a creative soul. I’d like to think I look at communication in this way – seeking out big ideas that provide creative solutions to business problems.

So in my search for Big Idea inspiration, I came across this campaign the other day. It’s not just any campaign, it’s a campaign for a microwave. You might be asking yourself, how on earth do you sell a microwave in an interesting way? It’s a boring product that can’t be differentiated, right?

Well, these clever chaps from Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Buenos Aires did just that, engineering a product differentiator that no one had ever thought of. Watch and chuckle, this is super clever.

Gabi is a multi award winning strategist and board director at Ogilvy Johannesburg, where she is responsible for the agency’s much lauded partnership with KFC. A Business Economics Honours graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand and Brand Strategy Consultant in her previous life, Gabi was the Strategy Head at Interbrand before joining Ogilvy. Gabi is a passionate ambassador for creating effective work that is not divided along traditional agency disciplines but instead focuses on creating big, brand liberating Ideas that solves business challenges.

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