Newly appointed board member and Senior Strategic Planner, Gabi Kuhn-Bernstein, writes about the solving the problem of apathy:

The first question I always ask my clients is “What’s keeping you up at night?”. It’s a simple conversation starter that often helps articulate the business challenge we need to solve though communication.  It’s these six words that made me think of one of my favourite campaigns of 2011. Above is how it played out.

Have you ever tossed and turned at night, and thought it was time for a new pillow? Probably not.

And if you answered yes, have you ever done anything about it? Well… probably not.

That’s because the floppy cushion you lay your precious head on every evening may give you a stiff neck, but your indifference towards its stuffing has never let you lose sleep .

Now, can you imagine being the poor manufacturer whose sole purpose it is to sell pillows, when no-one sees the need for new ones. That’s a business challenge that would certainly keep me up at night if I were their strategist!

So then, how do you address the apathy? Well, make people care. Teach them that just like fresh food, so too your pillow can go “off”.  And that’s what these  smart people at Tontine did, coming up with a seriously bright idea to put an expiry date on their pillows, so that consumers knew when it was time for a replacement.

Watch these ads to see how they did it – and if you don’t want to buy a new pillow after this, I swear I’ll wear my pyjamas to work. Nite nite!

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