TEDxChange 2012 is a TEDx event co-organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TED. Convened by Melinda French Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, TEDxChange will focus on issues surrounding global health and development. TEDxChange type events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of some of the other events hosted around the globe today. Because of last minute issues at the venue in Soweto, we offered the team our Campus for today.

In this TEDxSowetoChange, speakers will take a step back and apply new perspectives to big picture issues: Why, as the developing world, should we continue to look to the West for our development needs? How can we work with others across borders and political boundaries to bring about positive change at home and elsewhere? And what is the exchange?

It’ll also feature our very own Executive Creative Director, Fran Luckin, who’ll be speaking about the award-winning work we’ve done for the  Topsy Foundation, most notably the Selinah commercials.

Since it’s inception, Topsy has done amazing work to help people affected by HIV. The TV commercial shows how an AIDS sufferer who receives antiretrovirals can regain all the health they have lost in just 90 days. It’s called the Lazarus Effect.

With Topsy’s help we located Selinah, a patient displaying the advanced stages of AIDS, who was brave enough to agree to be filmed. Topsy started her on treatment and she was filmed every day for a period of 90 days. No special techniques or tricks were used in the post production of this commercial – the transformation you see before you is absolutely real.

This tangible proof of recovery helped bolster donations for Topsy – and also made people realise that there is hope for victims of HIV. Afterwards, we also did a behind-the-scenes with Selinah:

Fran will be speaking at 15:00 today. Follow the conversation on #TEDxSoweto.

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