mike_bMichael Balkind is co-partner of the Content Bar, an innovation company that dabbles in all things digital. They’re a unique blend of digital media company and an agency.

They’re most proud of the work they’ve done with the JHBLive franchise – extending it to Cape Town, Durban and Soweto. JHBlive has been live for over 11 years and is one of the first online communities in South Africa. The sites reach over 70k through their own URL and a further 250k + on Mixit and Vodacom content networks.

The Content Bar has been developing technology that enables brands to interact with people in the “real world”, offering an experience that then creates content and drives people to digital platforms and social networks. Their technology combines touch screens, video cameras, SLR, green screens, LED’s etc. with their custom distribution software that engages with people and creates instant content.

He’ll be chatting about their technology and how to translate those experiences onto digital, making them ultra-shareable.  Follow the conversation through #HowToFriday and Michael here.

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