suzHi there. I’m Suzanne and I’m a hoarder. I’m also a creative at Ogilvy Johannesburg. I love working here because I’m surrounded by creative and talented people who inspire me every day. I spend a lot of my time collecting some stunning examples of design and art, great graffiti and urban art, fantastical new technologies and gadgets, boredom-killing websites, trendy trends and just some really strange and bizarre shit you can only find if you dig really deep into the world’s wonderful web. This is a weekly selection of these bits and bobs I find interesting to give your Monday morning a kick-start:

There seems to be a boom in Urban Art this week with a wide variety of styles. Here are my best for the week:

Urban Plant Tags

Carmichel Lynch cleverly adapted plant tags – those markers that tell you how to keep the plant you just bought from your local Home Depot alive for a few days/weeks/months (depending on how green your thumbs are) – into playful urban art.

Miniature Bug Memorials

Thanks to our clumsy human foot steps, millions of bugs, roaches, ants and mosquitos die a painful death on the sidewalk. Our cities are full of mass graves resulting from tragic insect massacres in public space. With their Bug Memorials project, the Minneapolis-based Carmichael Collective wants to raise awareness for this terrible side effect of mankind by installing little memorials at places where an insect has died.

Awesome Traffic Light Art By Roman Tyc

Czech artist, Roman Tyc, a member of the art group Ztohoven, modified 48 traffic lights in Prague by replacing the standard red/green figures to display more than simple walk and stop actions. After the modifications to the lights, the figures now show more interesting actions such as urinating, drinking, being hanged, walking a dog, and even taking a dump.

The general public embraced it as a fun prank and the project was even awarded top prize at ‘Austria’s Sidewalk Cinema Festival’ in Vienna – but the authorities had other ideas. Roman Tyc was handed a hefty fine and had to pay for the repairs. The artist agreed to pay for the repairs, but was sentenced to 30 days in prison for refusing to pay the fine. In protest, his supporters signed petitions to have him released from jail and blacked out the heads of traffic figures throughout Czech Republic to make them appear as if they had been decapitated. Despite efforts by Tyc’s supporters, the 30 day sentence was carried out and the Czech artist was released from prison last month.

The Trashcam Project: German Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

A group of enterprising and rather creative garbage men from Hamburg, Germany, have blended work with artistic expression by converting dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras, dubbed the Trashcam Project. The method is pretty straightforward: by drilling a small hole on one side of the dumpster, an image is projected onto a giant sheet of photo paper suspended inside. Each shot takes about an hour to capture and its then developed in their special lab.

Urban Cityscapes by EVOL

German street artist EVOL is currently showing a number of new pieces at Jonathan LeVine gallery. The new works feature urban facades spray painted with the use of stencils on flat sheets of cardboard. Much like his outdoor graffiti, these stencils display an uncanny attention to detail, depicting light and shadow that transforms mundane surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating, seemingly multi-dimensional pieces of art.

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