Justice Mukheli is probably one of the most famous (and stylish) guys we’ve got on campus. He’s starred in ads for Cell C and I-Pledge and regularly takes a bow on Ogilvy Outfitters, yet he’s one of the nicest guys around.

He’s got a twin brother, Innocent, who’s also an art director. The one thing that sets them apart is their style. They often work together, recently starting a project with another friend, I See A Different You.

“I taught myself Design and Fine Art in my spare time while I was in Athlone Boys’ High School. I enjoyed it so much I ditched all my other interests and only focused on design and illustration,” he says. “I never went to any kind of advertising or art school, so a lot of what I know I learnt from mentors and the rest is self taught.”

His prolific talent has led to his work being featured in many magazines as well as on websites, in books and in exhibitions internationally. “I am constantly trying to further my expertise in Art Direction and Design, and won’t stop until I have mastered all the tools needs to fully realise my ideas. I use whatever techniques I can get my hands on to achieve the desired effect and I’m happiest when learning new ways of creating visuals and ideas. Art is my expression. It’s my contribution to the world.”

Join us tomorrow at 11:30 to ask Justice some questions – be it about photography, what it means to be creative, his new ride or how the twins have fooled people who can’t spot the difference between them. Follow the #AskJogilvy hashtag for all the action.

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