bannerThe Music Box

The Music Box is a project in New Orleans that consists of nine shacks made of reclaimed building materials. But they’re constructed to create sounds, which the group of artists, musicians, and engineers who made them call “musical architecture.”

The new instruments inside are Rube Goldberg contraptions that bring to mind the ingenuity of Southern jug bands. There’s a twisting staircase that pumps out tones from organ parts retrieved from a church flooded during Hurricane Katrina; a giant stand-up bass with a weed-whacker line for a string and a bathtub for a resonator; a tall, weather-vane–like structure hooked up to an analog synthesizer.

“It reacts to rain, sunlight and wind velocity and uses those variables to modulate an ever-present, droning E major chord,” explains its inventor, Quintron, a New Orleans musician who conducts Music Box performances. The concerts attract hundreds who wait in line for a chance to sit in a small set of bleachers.

Skinny Venus

Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano reconfigures romantic representations of the iconic Venus character in the Western Art canon using Photoshop.

Giordano reconfigures these iconic representations to embody the notion of the current aesthetic standards of beauty as she transforms voluptuous figures into trimmed goddesses. Images of Venus, the goddess of love has been employed by Giordano to act as a cohesive framework from which to organize a collection of thinned waists, slimmed arms, legs and stomachs in combination with an enhanced bust to portray the appreciated aesthetic of the 21st century.

Portraits with Foam Sculptures

Referring to both vulnerability and impermanence, Suzanne Jongmans’ investigates the texture and feel of both the present and past. Since 2007 she has been working on the series ‘foam sculptures’: caps and collars, inspired by 16th and 17th century Flemish and Dutch “Golden Age” paintings, made from materials currently used for packaging and insulation (cheap material which is often discarded after use).

By using these materials Jongmans makes a reference to consumerism and the rapid circulation of materials. She transforms old costumes into new plastics and old masters into new photographic works. By using time foreign materials, plastics and techno’s, she is creating a time crux, a tension of time for all of us to enjoy.

Fideli Sundqvist’s Still Life Sculptures

Agnes Cecilia Fideli Siri Charlotte Sundqvist (a.k.a. Fideli Sundqvist) is a paper artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her latest paper project is a collaborative exhibition with photographer Olivia Jeczmyk and the stylist Joanna Lavén titled SMAKLÖST, which is a series of beautiful paper still lives.

The Human Pantone by Pierre David

Since its creation, the Pantone color chart has been the official dictionary of color.  Artists, designers, painters and decorators have used Pantone to precisely pair colors to create a desired visual aesthetic. Artist David Pierre has redesigned the Pantone with a different shade of coloring – the varied beauty of Human skin tones. Pierre’s work was shown in Brazil, showcasing the range of beautiful colors of the people of the proud South American nation.

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