Ogilvy had a great first day at Cannes 2012 – and so did South Africa. Here’s a selection of some of the Ogilvy work from across the world that tapped into simple insights to come up with inspiring solutions.

Work conscious of the environment did particularly well,  like this extremely simple – but effective – idea from Ogilvy India, earning them a Bronze Direct Lion. If all letters were folded once more, how much smaller would envelopes be? And how much paper would that safe? A lot, it turns out.

Ogilvy Cape Town‘s print work for Volkswagen BlueMotion also won a Bronze Direct Lion. They worked from the insight that magazines clutter up people’s homes, and then eventually end up in landfills, meaning that all the print advertising inside them contributes to paper wastage. They asked a simple question: can a print ad help save paper, not waste it? The answer is just as simple – turning post boxes in to recycle bins.

Work that used multiple platforms to tell a story was also very successful – showing that integration isn’t only good for the consumer, brand and engagement but also for winning awards! Ogilvy Australia handed the most iconic brand over to the public,  instantly grabbing an entire country’s attention in a way that had never been done before. The campaign was designed so that both product and communications acted as an invitation to ‘Share a Coke’ with someone you know (or want to know). Whether digitally, interactively or socially, Australians all over had in their hands the tools to find, connect and share with one another. See more of this campaign that won a Bronze Direct Lion and a Bronze PR Lion rolled out here.

Another integrated campaign that has been praised all over Cannes this year, is the Carling Black Label Be the Coach one done by Ogilvy Cape Town. Last night it won a Bronze Direct Lion as well as a Bronze PR Lion.  In this world first, soccer fans were given the chance to finally fulfill their dream of being the coach of their team and making all the big decisions.

Ogilvy Brazil came up with a genius idea to educate consumers about all the different things you can make with mayonnaise, earning them a Silver Direct Lion. If the consumer buys Hellmann’s at the supermarket, the software in the cash register detects it and starts matching it with other purchased products, printing a personalised recipe onto the receipt itself. Brilliant way to perk up point of sale – and make mouths water!

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