marianaMariana O’Kelly, one of our Creative Directors, writes to us from Cannes:

I never thought Cannes could be such hard work. By now I was suppose to have an awesome new Zara top, great French toys for my kids and a super sized present for my hubby who’s playing mommy and daddy this week. But no. I have been a total nerd. Le Cannes nerd.

You see, at any given time there are all these awesome presentations, seminars or workshops all happening at the same time. Great speakers. Famous ad guys. And a magnitude of work to browse through.

Not that I browsed. Categories like PR, Media, Direct, Promo and Activations are growing at an alarming rate, so I thought I better take my time to go through it all. To understand it better, in case my mom ever asks me what an activation is.

Well, after a while my head was swimming. And not in the Mediterranean. All these ideas were trying to get to me and I was trying to figure them out, get to the point of it.

And then one word popped into my head. A very popular word from this year’s festival and that’s the word Conversation. Why then were so many ideas shouting at me, desperately trying to impress me and be my bff?

I’m beginning to wonder if we ad people have not fallen in the same trap most girls fall in. We love the men in our lives and want to look good for them but we dress for other girls. After all, they are usually the ones that will notice the difference between a Mr Price pair of rip offs and the real Trenery deal. Or the R1000 difference in the stitching of a dress. Face it. We woman dress to impress other woman.

In the same sense, you can tell when ad guys are doing ads for other ad guys. It makes sense; they are the ones that will be able to tell the R1 million difference and award each other for it. What has happened to the conversations we are suppose to have? Have we forgotten who we’re trying to impress? Are we trying to “crack ideas” or are we trying to find the best relevant topics of interest for our market?

It doesnt matter what category we enter and what field we specialise in. We are all talking to someone somewhere who, frankly, doesn’t really wanna listen. That conversation is more important than the Integration and will integrate itself if its worth listening to.

The work that wasnt trying to be my friend was the work that made me stop. It was the work that made me feel less like a nerd and effortlessly rewarded me for missing out on a swim and a cold 1664.

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