J’adore starting on a journey I have planned (like the direction I had for today’s post), but then something happens which takes me in a completely different, unexpected direction – and I end up having waaaaay more fun.

I was going to showcase some of my favourite pieces from various categories but then I thought, “Bugger it! It’s Friday. Nobody wants to think; just give everyone some bloody soul-candy.” So I’m going to give you a mix of stuff that’s won hugely already, then work that I simply love – and that I’m predicting will probably win an award, or three, over the weekend.

Then finally, one video that has two helluva lucky geezers doing what we’d all love to do just once in our lives… watch and see for yourself.


At the Press Lions the Grand Prix went to a controversial Benetton ad from Italy which featured world leaders kissing, the campaign entitled UnHate was created by in-house agency Fabrica. The ads were praised for creating a debate and instigating a comeback for Benetton, who have a history of controversial ads.

Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather and President of the Film and Press Juries said, “[the ad] was above the others by a millions miles.”

Here are some great TV ads and an Activation that, even if they don’t scoop some metal, are still winners in my book.

LG – OLED TV “The Thief”

NIKE – JORDAN “The Explosive Game”

JOHN LEWIS “The Long Wait”

THE GUARDIAN “Three Little Pigs”

CANAL DIGITAL “The Man Who Lived in A Film”

CANAL+ “The Bear”

Ha! Don’t you love those CANAL ads? Just another reason to admire the French.

OK, here’s a piece that won the ultimate accolade in the Cyber category; and then please watch my final movie of what two guys did with their FUELBAND. (Or at least with the money that Nike gave them to film a commercial.) Epic. The Nike+ FuelBand team talk about the inspiration behind the next great Nike+ product designed specifically for everyday athletes. Their motto: Life is a Sport. Make it Count.

In their own words, “We shot this in 10 days, just the two of us.”

Feeling inspired? Wondering what you’re doing watching this when you could be conning somebody to make your dreams come true?

Well… think of something. Go, Brain, Go!

Avoir un bon week-end, mes chéris.

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