alanAlan Edgar‘s last Cannes selection of the best Film pieces that took top honours over the weekend:

Bonjour mon petit ad-junkies!

There are some things that you come to expect if you’re lucky enough to attend Cannes – the disdainful attitude of the local waiters (ha!), paying R100 for a beer at the Gutter Bar and now… Droga5 picking up either a few Grand Prixs or a Titanium Lion again.

They’ve done it every year since they opened in 2006 with beauties such as The Unicef Tap Project, the Obama Election Campaign, the Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ work. This year they’ve done it again with a ridiculously simple piece in the brand new Grand Prix for Good category.

The TV ad is arguably, I think, a bit cringe-worthy. That aside, the initiative is unquestionably genius and has delivered tremendous results. See what you think.

And here’s their awards entry – which is bloody nice. Excuse the pun.

In the Film category there were 22 Golds, which we’ve showcased a whole lot of previously in last weeks posts, so I’ll just cover those we haven’t touched on. Beware! There are some really strange ads including underpant-clad dads, fantasy beer factories and this one…

GOLD FILM LION: Doritos presents: The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega, The Dip Desperado.
It’s an ad which drives people to an online experience to try encourage them to try ‘dipping’ and hopefully replicate this activity in real life. Love it or hate it, it won them Gold.

GOLD FILM LION: Nathan Hahn: ‘SuperDry’
The latest in a series of “Pioneering Beering” ads depicting a hyper-stylised Hahn SuperDry brewery where the ‘superness’, represented by a series of unorthodox influences, is infused and brewed into the beer at every stage of its creation.

GOLD FILM LION: DIRECTV: ‘Stop Taking in Stray Animals’
This is a series of six ads depicting the perils of having cable TV. Worth watching? Well, if you like Charlie Sheen, houses being blown up, Vegas horror stories and laughing? Yes. Here’s one example – check out the rest.

GOLD FILM LION: Procter & Gamble: ‘Best Job’
Alright, enough of the craziness. This work is an example of beautiful cinematography, editing and usage of music. If you don’t have a lump in your throat, at the end, you’ve got a heart of stone – enough said. Get the tissues out.

Talk about pushing the communications industry forward – GOOGLE developed a music-video unlike any other: an immersive, interactive, multi-window music video where you can enter a message and see it brought to life by dancers within the video. Original message cards and videos are generated, which users can share with the world. Sacre bleu!

Saving the best for last, what won the Film Lions Grand Prix? Well to explain what and why it won, here’s our Über-boss and jury president Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather and Chairman of our Worldwide Creative Council:

And who said that the ad industry didn’t have a social conscience? Ahhhh.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this small selection of ads; for more check out the Cannes website – it’s gob-smackingly inspiring. For the last time, from the Bryanston Riviera, au revoir!

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