wimbleIf you make the dreaded commute/crawl into the Sandton CBD via William Nicol every morning, you’d have seen this beauty going up yesterday. To celebrate the start of Wimbledon on SuperSport in HD, the team created a really HD billboard (above).

Just like the celebrated courts of Wimbledon, the grass will be faded, cut and distressed as the tournament progresses – matching the wear and tear the courts experience leading up the final matches.

For logistical reasons the team weren’t able to use real grass – it would have added more than 5.5kg’s per square metre and a total of 450 kg’s of additional weight to the structure. They’ve used the next best thing: synthetic grass which is lighter and more manageable, but it still came to 360kgs. The team has also worked hard with Continental Outdoor to design a process to age the synthetic grass to create the desired effect. Here they are painting the fake tennis court on the only place big enough for it…a real tennis court:

Join all the other fans wishing they were in London with some strawberries and cream through Twitter on #SSTennis, as well as updates on the tournament.


Creative Director: Louw Le Roux
Art Director: Peter Little
Copywriter: Andrew Pearson

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