In a constantly evolving digital landscape, social media is no longer something that can be overlooked or added as an after-thought. Marketers and advertisers are looking for ways to build relationships and leverage the power of word of mouth endorsement that strengthens the brands proposition and provides a concrete competitive edge – Social@Ogilvy can help you do just that.

Joanna is Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations, where she leads a team of the country’s best public relations and reputation management professionals. Joanna has built Ogilvy PR to be one of South Africa’s leading reputation and communications agencies, and plays an active role across all clients within the business.

Her experience crosses a number of major economic sectors including state owned enterprises, petrochemical, mining, fast moving consumer goods, logistics and various services industries.  Joanna’s areas of expertise include strategy, high level client services, project and budget management and issues and crisis management. She’s also the custodian of Social@Ogilvy and her chat will be all about how to socialise the enterprise – both within Ogilvy and for your clients.

It’s about more than just starting a Facebook page after all, so Joanna will share case studies and interesting campaigns that show just how important social media has become in successful communication campaigns.

Follow her on Twitter and join the conversation around #HowToFriday.

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