skyYesterday Mashadi Dube from Ogilvy PR visited Soweto Kliptown Youth, or SKY, for Mandela Day. Here’s how Team Red helped out:

“This center is purely there to give hope to children that have been neglected. They have a kitchen that provides nutrition for the children; they also have dormitories for girls and boys, as well as  a computer lab which is fully decked up, but unfortunately the children cannot use it as there is no electricity. There is also a creche for kids between one and two that is run by two lovely ladies.

I am very familiar with Soweto but I must say that I have never been to Kliptown. In my head I had pictured Kliptown to be like all the other sections of Soweto that I had been to. Little did I know that we would be going to the poorest area in Soweto. The conditions in Kliptown are a severe lack of infrastructure; the shacks are terribly close to each other. Often, a family of 12 stay in one shack. The centre we went to does not have electricity. And I thought to myself how blessed am I with the little that I have.

We started our trip to Soweto in a taxi which fetched us at the campus. The taxi ride was quite enjoyable as we had a tour guide by the name of Mmathabo, she does production for OPR. She grew up in Soweto and she knows it like the back of her hand, but she was also shocked at the section of Kliptown we went to. She had never been there before and she kept on saying that the area is only 10 minutes away from where she grew up.

Ogilvy made an amazing donation of vegetables, toiletries, food and paint. As soon as we got there we got to paint their two main buildings. It is incredible what team work can do. Just in 67 minutes we managed to paint two large buildings and also went to the crèche and played with the children.

The biggest lesson for me was that it is very easy to deposit money into a charity’s account and be proud that you are giving back, however time is more valuable. Giving your time to this cause has shown me that there are so many ways we can help the less privileged. Even if it means mentoring one child. Time is an invaluable resource that we all have and can give.”

See more pictures from yesterday’s visit here and check back tomorrow for Kirsty Ballard‘s post about visiting the Nkanyezi Centre.

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