mandelaNadeema visited at the Ibhongo Secondary School in Soweto yesterday, here’s how they did their bit:

“We spent our 67 minutes at one of the 94+ Project schools that’s home to over 930 students. On arrival, the school was so serene that the Ogilvy Team thought the students were given the day off… but the silence meant, students were learning.

Our group consisted of people from different departments that I seldom get to interact with on a daily basis, but as soon as our tasks were assigned the Ogilvy spirit kicked in and we were ready to offer our services. Some painted the kitchen and windowsills, others cleaned the sick bay and the rest assisted with the feeding scheme. The school prepares lunch daily for all the children and this is often their only meal for the day.

Apart from our time spent at the school, we also donated two fridges, toiletries and painting equipment.

Before we knew it, our 67 minutes was up and we needed to head back to the office. Driving back, the journey was relatively quiet – I am sure everyone was reflecting on their time spent at the school and how appreciative the principal and the students were. My thoughts drifted to one iconic and legendary man, Madiba, who has once again inspired a nation to give back and make a difference to those less fortunate.

Although most of us are running in the rat race, we often feel that there is not enough time to make a difference – this day forces us to change our perceptions.”

Check back tomorrow to see what all the knitting ladies have been up to for Topsy.

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