dogsSherrin Davie spent her 67 minutes with Team Read at  Barking Mad Dog Rescue in Midrand that is currently home to over 100 dogs. Although there is always a waiting list for dogs that have been neglected or abused by their owners, the non-profit organisation has an anti-euthanasia policy and as a result many dogs call Barking Mad their permanent home. Here’s what the visitors thought:

“The group of Ogilvy attendees included a mix of animal lovers across the campus that arrived in their most casual threads and bags of dog food, doggy treats and blankets to donate.

Welcomed by heaps of furry excitement and sloppy kisses we were divided into groups of four and took turns walking the dogs around the closure, feeding them treats and cleaning their doggy houses. The dogs are friendly and are used to welcoming volunteers that help out at Barking Mad. Many of the dogs are in their senior years with many stories to tell from neglect, abuse or illness. Barking Mad relies purely on donations from the community to feed the dogs and help those that have medical conditions. Many of the dogs are on special diets and the team takes extra measures to ensure their health is maintained.

Walking around the grounds there were many dogs in all shapes and sizes that wanted our undivided attention. I was drawn to a shy two-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier named Tammy who had suffered neglect from her previous owners. Fairly shy at first but when you give her a treat and a pat on the back her loving personality shines through.

Then there was Courage, a very sweet-natured Ridgeback who has also been at Barking Mad for some time hoping to find a loving home. He loves his daily walks and loves meeting new people.

Our 67 minutes were up way too soon. Everyone had such a different, fulfilling morning entertaining the dogs and helping where they could.

The Barking Mad Facebook page was launched three years ago and currently has over 19,000 fans. Social networking has provided tremendous success for the organisation with donations and finding new homes for the four footed friends. Join them there to find out how you can sponsor a pet or “click to feed” and get invovled.”

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