helenHelen MacKenzie is the Communications Manager at the Topsy Foundation. Seeing first-hand the empowering effects of Topsy’s HIV relief services in the impoverished rural communities of South Africa, her passion is to continuously share these stories of success and she’s turned to social media to do just that:

“The quick movement of marketing into the social media space is clear and present. Even for a campaign to be launched exclusively on Facebook isn’t so unusual anymore, but the value of rampant and random ‘like’ accumulation is being questioned. And with good reason! What you really want are people who know your brand and love it for what it really is.

Giving over custody of your brand to social media means giving over control. With Topsy that has been easy – it’s an organisation born out of the community; built for the community. The idea of sharing in the work of helping others, but more importantly sharing in the reward, appealed to all of us from the start.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t fallen into the trap of wanting more fans, followers, likes, shares and comments – but over time we’ve realised that just like we’re helping one person at a time in the real world, getting one person at a time involved online is the best way to do it. Increasingly the campaigns demanding real attention are those that harness genuine customer interest, and that translate into real-life behaviours…and results.

We’re honoured to be part of just such a campaign with the warmly-loved brand The Body Shop. They’re bringing the values that their customers love to life , in a way that makes them a part of what is happening in-store.

The Body Shop asked their fans to nominate a charity they care about to benefit from The Body Shop products and the Topsy Foundation has been nominated in the Defend Human Rights category. If Topsy wins, we’ll receive a 30% share of proceeds of the sale from the brand new Dragon Fruit Lip Butter by The Body Shop – but we need everyone’s help. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to the The Body Shop SA Facebook page.

Step 2: Vote by writing on their wall: “I VOTE Topsy”

Step 3: Purchase the delicious Dragon Fruit Lip Butter which is available in store from today.

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