copyDespite the name, copywriting has nothing to do with copyrighting. So if you’re looking to defend the patent rights of the big fat corporate juggernaut machine who claims to have invented the sky and the song “Happy Birthday to You”, you’re in the wrong place.

Copy is just a name for the words you read or hear on a commercial. In other words, copywriters control your thoughts. Think of them as the illuminati, but happy-go-lucky illuminati who keep a hip flask of whiskey in their desk drawers and just want to change the world.

All the headlines, the radio and TV scripts, the street pole ads offering 3 pairs of pajama jeans for the price of 2, and even the small terms and conditions that state your body and soul are now exclusive property of the underworld. Copywriters write cheerful stuff like that and come up with ideas for ads all day.

Job responsibilities include:

- Write words that approximately 22 million people could see or hear a week.

- Direct radio recordings.

- Going to shoots and being force-fed so many free toasted sandwiches that your liver starts to resemble foie gras. That’s enough to feed a small country.

- Come up with an ad for an NGO and perhaps raise enough money to really feed a small country.

- Surfing the net for ‘inspiration’.

- Laughing your head off whilst watching defenseless actors on casting tapes for that ad you wrote about adult diapers.

- Travel to exotic location for shoots. Bahamas or Hawaii? You get to write the destination, remember?

Yup, nobody said this job was easy. If that doesn’t sound like too much work, come to the Ogilvy Joburg Open Day on 4 October and check out if it’s something you’re into.

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