javasThe story goes that many years ago, Javas Njongo was shipwrecked on a remote island. “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. But over time I found my calling. The people on the island felt lost. They needed someone to take their hand and show them the way. They needed a wise man. They needed me.” (Or so he told us via satellite phone.)

Hailed as a wise man who has the answer to every possible everyday problem – from unrequited love to neighbour woes – Javas graciously invites these troubled souls to sip from the fountain of his wisdom.  When it comes to giving good advice, they rate Javas simply the best, better than all the rest.

But Javas has a secret: He has learned all these lines and insights from the movies, songs and documentaries he watches on his secret television, hidden in his home… and he’s sharing them all with you. Any question you could possibly think of, Javas has an answer to it. He’s available 24/7, so just tweet his hotline to get all the wisdom you need.

This fun new campaign ties in with DStv’s exciting rebranding launch. It’s a fully integrated campaign that shows how watching television shows like those on DStv can in fact open up your world, and expand and enrich your knowledge base, through access to common wisdom found in popular culture. In addition to the 60-second commercial, the integrated DStv campaign will roll out on multiple platforms, including social media and digital.

You can be Javas’ friend or follow him and even ask questions on the website – each one will be answered by the wise one himself.

Campaign credits

Caree Ferrari – Managing Partner

Fran Luckin – Executive Creative Director

Carl Willoughby – Creative Director

Carey Dowse – Art Director

Ruby Fourie – Copywriter

Phindile Ndizekeli – Account Director


OgilvyOne team:

Dylan Mclean – Creative Director

Nimay Parekh – Client service

Mick Santapaga – Creative

Georgia Matthews – Client service

Jeannette Grove – Creative

Orla Hunter – Creative

Warren Hunt – Strategy

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