Forget Tai Chi, meditation and CDs with whale sounds and rain-stick noises. In the uptight, stressful grind of day-to-day life, if you really want to get people to chill out, you need a radical chill intervention.  Enter the new KFC Milkybar Krusher campaign, which extends the existing Krushers’ “How about a nice cup of chill?” into a whole new chill-out craze:  Face Yoga.

Face Yoga is a new exercise craze, where one practices the art of pulling one’s face into different “poses” in order to relax. In the same way that yoga strengthens muscles and induces relaxation, so Face Yoga prepares you to drink the new thick and crunchy Milkybar Krusher, resulting in the ultimate chill.

And of course you need an instructor if you’re going to attempt a rigorous routine like this. That’s why you need self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru, Shmarmy Kush! Watch the videos below for an easy guide on how to pull of poses like the “Yes I can listen to you and tweet” and the “I’m LOL-ing but still don’t get the joke” pose.

Team Credits:

Mike Martin – Creative Director

Bridget Johnson – Creative Director

Marion Bryan – Creative Group Head

Catherine Conradie – Creative Group Head

David Krueger – Copywriter

Junior Art Director – Leighton Coertze

Genna Hansen – Social Media Manager

Cindy Booysen - Account Management

Shera Eshmade - Account Director

Tessa Weakley – TV Producer

Team Best – Director

Emma Hurley – Art Buying

Colleen Idle – Production

Mike Lewis – Photography

AMI – Illustration

Kate Mallett – Digital Account Executive

Pierre Cassuto – Digital GAD

Dylan McLean – Digital Creative Director

Leigh Hunter – Designer

Byron Phillipson – flintntinder (Production Company)

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