marcellaMarcela Ospina is an Anthropologist who helps brands understand their consumers from a cultural perspective. She assists clients in better understanding new, untapped markets and their potential consumers.

Organisations are often looking at how to introduce products in new environments. In order to do so, they need to truly understand what the cultural nuances of these unexplored territories are, and how these nuances affect consumer behaviour. Marcela assists in discovering and analysing the consumers in potential markets.

She’s particularly interested in how offline social networks operate, and possibly influence online behaviours, or vice-versa. Discovering what underlies decision-making processes and social behavioural shifts is the goal of the research and innovation projects that she is involved in.

She’ll be talking about cultural insights she gathered around people’s use of digital and mobile technologies on her recent trip through Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Zambia.

The presentation focuses on people’s behaviours around technology, and how these impact culture, economy and social relationships. She’ll also explore some of the most important developing trends within this space.

To be part of the conversation, follow with next Friday (15 Feb) from 11:00 with the #HowToFriday hashtag. There are limited tickets available for the talk, so if you’d like to join us on campus please send an email to

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