unplugDual screening, microblogging, and 6 second videos. Our attention is at an all-time low and the way brands reach us has to adapt to reflect this. This is the age of constant gratification and quick fixes

With the average person today processing more data in a single day than a person in the 1500s did in their entire lifetime, some scientists are suggesting that our ability to process and analyse is being eroded with the emphasis on instant gratification and brevity. The infographic above, created by the Big Communications, shows the terrifying amount of data generated every minute by the internet’s global population of 2.1 billion people.

Studies have shown that 32% of consumers will start abandoning slow sites between one and five seconds, and Vine was recently launched by Twitter with some brands already looking to harness its potential. It only allows for 6 seconds of content, epitomising how far this movement has come.

Margaux Le Pierres, as part of  Student Animation Project (2011), made this awesome video explaining what information overload is doing to us, our brains and the economy:

The data is from US research but, as the team argues, obsession with multitasking is true across the globe. Is data visualisation the way forward? What is certain is that we are under information siege – so here’s to plugging out this weekend!

Thanks to the Strategy + Planning and Ogilvy Earth teams at Ogilvy PR London for sniffing out the great content.

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