Yesterday was the perfect way to kick off this incredible week of inspiration! Read our recap post about it if you’ve missed out on the live action.

Today is set to be just as thrilling with Steven Heller starting things off bright and early…or at least we will be bright once we’ve had another cup of coffee. He’s the man behind more than 150 books on design and pop culture and the daily bits of awesome called the Daily Heller. Sign up to receive this read-worthy newsletter.

At 10:50, interaction designer, Jeanne van Heeswijk, will be taking the stage. Continuing the trend from yesterday of participatory design and cultural production in an urban renewal context. One of her most recent projects is ‘Public Faculty’ that actively encourages people to express their opinions and learn from each other within a specific public locale. Read more about it on her site. Above’s a great interview with her on the topic of her most recent Public Faculty.

One of the people of the entire Indaba we’re most excited to see is definitely Nicholas Hlobo. Not only because he’s a Joburg based artist truly representing, but also because his work is so gutsy and explorative in terms of concepts and materials that he just cannot be missed. Here’s a great video profile of him:

Rounding up our list of must-see speakers is Asif Khan, the guy who designed the Coca-Cola Beatbox installation at the recent Olympics. It was the first time in Coca-Cola’s history that the global brand had commissioned a feature Olympic showcase with the absence of a single Coke logo on it – and that’s no mean feat!

Remember to follow the hashtag, #DesignIndaba2013, and us (of course) to stay in the loop with all the mind-blowing as it happens.

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