Farai’s job is to help Ogilvy’s clients treat their customers better through designing humane experiences on and offline. He’ll be talking about some of the stupid things that people do in the digital and real world…like the video above from Google shows so brilliantly.

On Friday 15 March’s session, he wants to teach you how to do his job – “User Experience Design” – so that he can go and pursue his life’s big mission: categorising all of Africa’s music.

He’s also going to answer some important questions, including but not limited to:

  • Why is the iPhone the greatest social media campaign ever (even without a Facebook or Twitter page)?
  • What is the Underpants Gnomes Social Media Strategy?
  • Is the “Save” button the most stupid invention in computing history?
  • How can we use behavioural psychology to create ads that sell more?
  • Why are the first 11 characters of an email’s subject line more important that the rest?

Follow him and join in the #HowToFriday conversation! Remember that if you want to join on Friday 15 March from 11:00 to 12:00, send us a mail and we’ll put you on the guest list.

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