nickYou might still see social as a rowdy child, indulged as the youngest addition to the family of tools we use. Truth be told, social’s no longer an infant – it is a mainstream tool that’s learning to earn its keep just like the older kids. One of the most important steps to bringing some discipline to this problem child is through proper measurement.

Looking at simple metrics like retweets, followers and influence isn’t cutting it anymore. Instead, we should be looking at our business goals and measuring the role that social media has played in reaching them. It means making sense of a fast-paced marketing channel and the reams of data it produces.  That’s why we’re so excited to be working with the new Brandseye monitoring tool. It enables us to gather real-time, human-verified insights into what people think and are talking about easily and at any time.

Social@Ogilvy Business Director, Nick Bedford, will be talking with Joane Doyle from Brandsey about what this means for you and the strategy you’re trying to crack, the idea that you’re not sure will resonate and, yes, measuring how well your campaign did so you can create an awesome awards entry. Send an email if you’d like to attend on Friday between 11:00 and 12:00 and make sure to follow along on #HowToFriday.

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