mikeTo inspire our 2014 Ogilvy Graduates-in-the-making, we’ve asked some of the Team Red bloggers to share their online worlds with us. First up is one of last year’s winners, Michael Stopforth, from one of our favourite spots to visit, Have Superpowers.

There are only two weeks left to register for this year’s epic internet battle, so hurry over to OgilvyGP.co.za to get going and be in the running!

How did you know what you wanted to write about?

Write about stuff you’re actually interested in. There’s no point in putting on a façade, because believe you me, when curtains call and masks fall, a naked you will always be the naked you.

How do you keep disciplined to keep updating?

To quote that guy that played Mark Zuckerburg in the Social network: “we don’t crash EVER!” That’s the difference. You need to show that you have one of the most admirable qualities ever – consistency.

If you’ve got 13 fingers and can Jimmy a Hendrix like no-one alive, but never work enough to get a gig, you suck. If you can just fret a string, but have continuous sessions at some indie bar where you eventually meet Skrillex in the toilet, do his acoustic set, survive dubstep’s fever and hit the ground running when the new guitar hero is the old guitar hero, you win.


Where do you find content?

Life. Keep your peepers peeled and I guarantee there are infinite amounts of blog-worthy delicacies around every corner. The world has pixels single atoms wide with multi-sensorial magic, all you need to do is start recording.

 Clever ideas to keep people coming back for more?

Find out what YOU’d like to know, not what you THINK your audience would like to know. An audience is essentially a group of people, and people associate with people. And you’re a people. All you need to do is bring another person into the intensity that is your life with your writing. You’re more interesting than you think.

Easy wins to build followers?

You might write digital antimatter, but if no-one knows about it, no one’s going to read it. The internet’s about linking, if there’s no hyperlink, there’s no traffic, and there’s nobody reading your beautifully crafted self-indulgent ranting.

What do you love most about blogging?

It’s the heart of the internet. The internet is about the world’s knowledge, free to anyone, and open to anyone to contribute. The idealism of John Lennon in one digital hippy colony, only with more hipster Instagram posts.

 Why did you start the blog?

For me, the most incredible thing about the net is that the world’s knowledge is out there. You can teach yourself anything. Parrot wrangling, wish-granting ostrich summoning, bionic chicken engineering. As well as other things that don’t involve birds. You can do the splits, you really could.

Has your blog helped you in your professional life?

On many occasions. I’ve gotten commissions and even dates from people reading my blog. If someone walks up to you, quotes your sub-header and gives you a hug, you feel pretty damn good. Just make sure your content speaks to savoury peeps.

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