neoOn Tuesday we did an #AskJogilvy with our ECD, Neo Mashigo. It was planned for only an hour, but we ended up spending almost two on answering all the questions that came streaming in. Here’s what went down:

@RememberCarla: Often, your state of mind changes constantly, is it important to remain consistent in your creative work?

@NeoMashigo: Yes. Consistency allows people to know who you are & what you stand for. Especially when it comes to brands.

@RememberCarla: Can creativity be taught? How is it assessed? Who decides if it’s creative or not?

@NeoMashigo: Yes creativity can be taught & harnessed. Assess it by judging how it makes you feel.

@RememberCarla: How important is it to collaborate an innovator and creative?

@NeoMashigo: Whenever one or two people gather in creativity, Beauty is among them. Collaboration makes everything better.

@RememberCarla: Language induces creative responses, but isn’t language limiting? Does creativity require education to understand it?

@NeoMashigo: Language isn’t limiting. It’s a powerful creative tool that allows us to speak to the heart.

@Ninxie_Mo: Apart from the Ogilvy Graduate Programme, how does Ogilvy contribute to developing graduates that are thirsty for industry knowledge?

@NeoMashigo: We have internships, Open Days & opportunities like #AskJogilvy! We support Creative Circle training programme.

@MarkZella: What would your advice be to a young suit / marketer to get the best work out of the creatives?

@NeoMashigo: Give a good brief! Then be passionate about the brand & work together.

@Akona1: What’s your obsession with twerking about?

@NeoMashigo: I’m not obsessed, but I just looove their creativity

@marccrerar: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

@NeoMashigo: Forgiving betrayal. Let it go. Wooosah!

@clekzo: Fela Kuti or Femi Kuti?

@NeoMahshigo: Fela. But damn, Femi is doing a good job.

@khanyi101: Which church do we have to go to to witness your healing and preaching? (Via your twitter bio)

@NeoMashigo: It’s not a church. It’s a state of mind. Come visit my office, I’ll tell you over a glass of water

@jager_bianca: What do you do to keep your creative mind sharp?

@Ne0Mashigo: I hang around with the masses. They’re the most creative people I know.

@Abeyphonogenic: Do you think digital is important & y?

@NeoMashigo: Yes. It’s the future. Digital brings all the other mediums together. It allows brands to come alive.

@Tshepo_Chaka: Which piece of work/ad/campaign do you wish you had done?

@NeoMashigo: I wish I’d done the Million Project by Droga5

@KBellSays: Did you always aspire to be who are today?

@NeoMashigo: Not really. I’ve always seen advertising as a journey & not a destination. Stay tuned!

@ChrisRawlinson: What’s the best line you have ever written / seen?

@NeoMashigo: Power to the People.

@clekzo: Where do you see digital in advertising ?

@NeoMashigo: Digital is the medium to rule all mediums.

@Abeyphonogenic: Why should young people choose a career in advertising?

@NeoMashigo: Because it’s a career that allows multi-disciplined thinking. Advertising always asks for more.

@SibusisoSA: Do you think a hashtag search engine is cool?

@NeoMashigo: Meh. Who needs it when you’ve got Google…or am I misunderstanding?

@SibusisoSA: Perfect answer, this was just to see if you will reply lol. Respect!!!

@RABSouthAfrica: What’s your favourite radio ad/ campaign of all time? Why?

@NeoMashigo: Don’t do favourites, but liked the Raj Corsa Lite ads.

@Tshepo_Chaka: I’ve always had a lot of respect for you & your work what is your leadership style?

@NeoMashigo: I don’t know. Ask the people that have worked with me.

@Caprisel: What’s your idea of a day-off?

@NeoMashigo: It depends on what mood strikes me. I like hanging with my peeps & reflecting.

@SibusisoSA: What exactly do you do?

@NeoMashigo: I guide the creative process.

@Bonnikins: What stirs your creative juices?

@NeoMashigo: Beautiful minds, people, things. Just beauty.

@Bonnikins: What interesting qualities do you look for in a creative during an interview?

@NeoMashigo: What they do when they’re not making ads.

@SibusisoSA: Are you related to Vinolia?

@NeoMashigo: Kwa kwa kwa kwa! I suppose we are, because we share the same surname. Ke tau Ya Mariri!

@BradCM: How does one join such a creative industry?

@NeoMashigo: You just go take it!

@WaGaBakgatla: When did u realise creating was what u wanted to do & based on what did you choose the path that has led you here?

@NeoMashigo: I wanted to do everything. Advertising allows me to do just that.

@SibusisoSA: Best Facebook Tool besides hootsuite & ShortStack.?

@NeoMashigo: Our Social@Ogilvy team prefers using FB platform directly & building our own more responsive apps.

@ChrisRawlinson: if you could work for any agency outside of SA, who would it be? (apart from Ogilvy)

@NeoMashigo: Probably Droga5. If David asks nicely.

@BradCM: What did you study/do to get where you are?

@NeoMashigo: Studied at AAA and Vega on a training programme called Abakhethwa. And I worked bloody hard.

@SATVads: Many complain about too many ads with black women singing and dancing. What’s your view?

@NeoMashigo: Yeah, I’m with them. #ThisThingMustStop

@SibusisoSA: Do you think Digital advocates are a good idea?

@marvzee: How do you handle egos in the industry?

@NeoMashigo: I give them a hug

@SATVads: What is the value of South African consumer opinions in making and flighting ads?

@NeoMashigo: Very important, they’re the consumer that we’re trying to talk to after all.

@MasegoM: Who and /or what has made the biggest impact on your creativity?

@NeoMashigo: I was fortunate enough to start advertising under Mike Schalit. He shaped my path.

@AfrikaNoir: I am offended by the trend of having black people dance for food or products in ads. Am I being oversensitive?

@NeoMashigo: Sies! I’m also offended! #ThisThingMustStop

@MIQAELZULU: Blacklime or l’Oreal?

@NeoMashigo: I tend to switch around, but I’m more of a HeMan kinda guy.

@SibusisoSA: Do you think Lubners and Lewis will stop with the goat and R500 cash back campaigns?

@NeoMashigo: Never underestimate the power of a goat.

@SibusisoSA: What’s your take on QR Codes?

@NeoMashigo: There are easier ways to drive people online.

@KamoJelloIs it true that you run your creative department with a sjambok and a knobkierrie?

@NeoMashigo: It’s the only language creatives understand.

@LSWoolf: Where’s your city of inspiration?

@NeoMashigo: I don’t have a city of inspiration. I laugh at people who do.

@Akona1: If you didn’t live in Joburg, where else would you live on the continent?

@NeoMashigo: Uganda YEAH!

@pbkrielYour prediction for the top (most powerful) SA brand in 10 years’ time?

@NeoMashigo: It won’t be South African, it will be global, might be born here. It hasn’t yet, though.

@Caprisel: Who’s your favourite writer?

@NeoMashigo: Wole Soyinka

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