If the belief behind How to Friday is that inspiration can come from unexpected places, then looking for it amidst the dust, bossies and dassies of a Northam farm is probably as unexpected as it gets. Yet, thousands do it each year, making the pilgrimage to OppiKoppi in search of good tunes and what some have called a ‘semi religious experience’.

The man behind these – and many other – events is engineer by trade, Carel Hoffmann. He has a reputation as a shrewd businessman who’s always looking for innovative ways to streamline processes and make the making of money easier.

He’ll be joining us on 7 June from 11:00 to 12:00, to chat about OppiKoppi’s journey on becoming a cashless festival and what that means for consumers, organisers and businesses who want to get involved. He’ll also touch on some of their crazier projects like the OppiKoppi Beer Drone Yes, a drone that delivers a beer to you – check it out:

Don’t miss this one – drop us a mail if you’d like to attend. Also follow along at #HowToFriday and @OgilvyJoburg.

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