cannes_60thCaree Ferari is our Managing Partner on MultiChoice and writes from Cannes on what her first trip there has been like so far;

It is Day 3 of my first Cannes experience, and I am still overwhelmed.

My debut to Cannes has been a complete eye opener. From beautifully bronzed people strolling down the Plage de la Croisette, people basking in the sun on the various beaches (some a real sight for sore eyes) to thousands, and I mean thousands, of fellow Cannes Lions delegates moving between auditoriums and break away rooms.

Without the help of the Cannes Lions guide, both in book and digital format, I would not have known where to start.  Over the week there are 60 Seminars, 17 Workshops, 30 Forums, 10 Masterclasses and 9 Techtalks to choose from as well as all the work to view.  I feel like a kid in a candy store, not knowing where to start and which direction to turn.  It is pure sensory overload.  In true Virgo style I spent Sunday night working through the content programme picking what I want to attend and realised that this week is going to be one big juggling act!  Many of the talks overlap and choices need to be made.

You can judge by the queues as to which seminars are the most popular as the already long queues often double back on themselves such as the “Iconic storytelling frame by frame” with Annie Leibovitz; “Stories are more than a narrative, and fashion is more than design” with Vivienne Westwood; “What connects in comedy” with Conan O’Brien and “Culture as a creative catalyst” with Sean Combs aka P Diddy.

Somewhere in amongst all the talks I have managed to find time to stroll the back streets of Cannes and fit in a party or two.

We have been to 3 awards ceremonies so far.  They are slick, and are over within 2 hours despite an average of 30-60 Gold Lions being handed out.  The Silver and Bronze Lions appear on the screen only.  It was great to see KFC Add Hope receive a Bronze Cannes Lions for Media.

There is just so much to see and take in, and I suspect sensory overload by the end of Cannes Lions 2013. This has been an awesome experience, an absolute privilege to attend Cannes Lions and I have found the opportunity most certainly inspiring and fulfilling.

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